What is Spirit Trackers of Texas?

What is Spirit Trackers of Texas?

Spirit Trackers of Texas is a paranormal website focused on the spirit world and how it pertains to the living.  Founded in 2007, Spirit Trackers of Texas was created to discover and prove that “some” spirits actually remain in the dimension of the living.

These spirits wander our realm for different reasons.

  • not realizing their dead
  • overseeing their loved ones
  • unfinished business

For whichever purpose, they attempt to communicate us.  Sometimes its to warn us of harm, show us promising future, or haunt those who did them wrong.

Join Spirit Trackers of Texas as they investigate this highly controversial topic.  Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, feel free to form your own opinions through their website.  Expand your mind and think outside the box, for there could be spirits in the very room you are in right now.

About the Author – Frances Nottingham

First time write/author, Frances Nottingham, is from Round Rock, Texas.  She was first made aware of the spirit world as age four. Since then Frances has continued to have ghostly encounters.  She once had a friendly conversation with a convenience store clerk a week after he was buried.  Another time she found herself talking to an elderly neighbor a month after they had passed away.

While one of the most chilling experiences was that of a paranormal haunting in her childhood bedroom closet.  Venture into the spirit world as Frances shares her personal tales of ghostly sightings and conversations that will send chills up your spine.


Personal Tales of the Paranormal

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