Five Ways To Stay Current In Today’s Field Of Medicine

Five Ways To Stay Current In Today's Field Of Medicine

Medicine today is a continuously evolving industry. Between new and improved technologies to the ever-changing regulations, healthcare practitioners have a duty to stay current on changes that can make a difference on the practice of medicine. However, the biggest question is how does one juggle a busy profession and the enormity of new information? The following five tips can help one stay current in today’s field of medicine:

1. Narrow down authorities to just a few

It is virtually impossible to keep abreast of changes in medicine overall. One should only focus on what applies to his or her specific field of practice as well as to overarching rules and regulations, for example, privacy issues or billing practices. Determine which associations, departments or organizations are the leading authority in the specialties that are applicable. Honing in on those authorities will make the task much more reasonable.

2. Subscribe to ongoing notifications

Nearly any organization today offers some sort of listserv or notification distribution system. Sign up to be included in these automatic notifications. This is an easy way to obtain the latest, most pertinent information being released by the authorities of your choice.

3. Allocate time dedicated to staying current

It is easy to procrastinate on tasks like reading the latest medical journal or newsletter from the local medical board. These tasks naturally rank lower on the priority list than providing your care to patients who need it. However, if one can dedicate merely half a day to reading-up on the most pressing and relevant updates in the field, it will become routine. For example, one can visit to complete their ACLS Certification Online, whereas before it was performed in a classroom setting.

4. Attend relevant conferences

Nowadays virtually every association hosts a yearly conference, and it is nearly impossible to attend all the conferences that we would like to attend. As conference dates are released, create a yearly plan that narrows down the top five conferences over the next year that offer information that one simply cannot miss obtaining.

5. Network, network, network

When one has any time off, try to attend network functions hosted by local medical associations, fellow healthcare professionals or administrators. Typically, one can learn a great deal about new developments from colleagues.

Ultimately, one can stay current in today’s field of medicine by streamlining the authorities that one pays attention to, subscribing to automated electronic notifications, allocate time for reading, attending only relevant conferences, and by networking.

What is Smart DNS?

Using SmartDNS

What is SmartDNS?

SmartDNS is a fast new service which duplicates many of the original VPN features, but without loss of high speed. It allows access to blocked websites in different Countries without even having to dial a VPN connection. You just surf the web as normal… but without the limitations. Great for accessing any blocked sites from work or making your IP address anonymous.

How to use SmartDNS

It’s very simple to use SmartDNS – no software or long installation is required. Most Smart-DNS works with Windows, OSX, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Wii, PS3, XBOX360, and more! Quick and Easy Instant Access. Virtually every streaming service you can imagine! All popular sites will work right away, some unknown sites will need to be added for the first time, most SmartDNS services will be able to do it within 24 hours.

How Fast is Smart DNS?

As fast as your internet connection! If your ISP will support it, then HD video is not a problem at all! It’s quite simple, it just works!

High Speed DNS

SmartDNS or VPN?

Both are good choices, but which is for you? SmartDNS if you only need access to streaming video or audio websites at the ultimate possible high speed, GlobalVPN if you require encrypted access to all websites and protocols (Skype/MSN) via your choice of Country! You can choose to connect to almost 50 countries.

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What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual-Private-Network.  VPN’s were mainly used by private organizations to link geographically diverse locations seamlessly via the internet.  A VPN “tunnels” its traffic between two devices by transmitting it over the public internet.

What is a VPN use for today?

Today many people use VPN’s to hide their IP address or to use an outside server to connect to websites that they normally wouldn’t be able to view from their country.  School servers, work computers, and other IP addresses block certain websites.  With a VPN you can dance around these restrictions and access any sites you want.

How do I get my own Virtual Private Network?

To get your own VPN you must find a company that offers its servers for rent.  Some companies will let you connect to their remote servers for as little as $10 a month while other companies charges hundreds to access their remote computer.  Today the best company to use is Overplay.

OverPlay takes this one step further by giving you the option to encrypt all the data you send and receive, and additionally allows you to appear to be located many miles (or in a different country) from where you really are!  In addition, they have over 100 servers spread out in almost 50 different countries for you to connect to on any given day.

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Global VPN Servers

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How to hide my IP address

How to virtually hide your IP address

Hiding your IP address can benefit you in many ways.  Certain sites are not permitted in specific countries which can make things very annoying when you are trying to use the internet.   Websites such as gaming sites, music sites, nudity sites, movie download sites and more are sometimes blocked in certain countries.

Do you have a website that you’d like to view but can’t because its blocked in your country?

Today there are a few ways to hide your IP address.  The most common and legal way is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  What this does is allows you to connect to an outside server thus using a middle man to re-access the internet.   Once you’re connected to a VPN, you can access the web through a different network’s IP Address.


Will this slow down my connection speed?

The answer is sometimes.  When choosing a VPN to hide your IP, you want to connect to a server that will be at least as fast as your current internet or it will slow down your speed.  When doing research on which virtual private network to do through, try to find one that can offer more than one location to connect through.

How much does a Virtual Private Network cost?

The price of private networks has come down a lot in the last decade, ranging from $50-$200 a month for limited access.  Now the prices have dropped and having an account on a VPN usually cost between $10-20 per month to have unlimited access to a outside location to connect to.

What is the Best VPN company to use?

Right now the best company to use is  OverPlay.    This website is a combination of 100′s of VPNs that can all be found on one website.  Because they are such a big company, you are not limited to just 1 or 2 country servers to connect to.   This way not only can you always find a 100% fast connection, but you can have to ability to choose between over 25 different countries to be using the internet in.

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By rerouting your internet connection through our worldwide VPN servers you can:

  • Change your IP address to one in another country
  • Improve your security by ensuring your internet traffic is encrypted
  • Access content that is normally restricted to you

Just choose a location in our easy to install software and then browse as normal!

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  • Account activation is normally instant.

SmartDNS Servers

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