What is Lock ‘n’ load by KMAN

Lock ‘n’ load by KMAN is a new song that will be available to download in April of 2012.

This is the first song from the upcoming album “Prevail to the extinction”. The Best thing of all is that this album will be available to be downloaded for free sometime in 2012.

Here are the complete lyrics to the song.

Kman Lock N Load song

Lock ‘n’ load!
Dust, smoke and fire
Ready to go!
Now, open fire!

War begins in you
Paying all the debts
The Goverment can’t claim
That their blood is in your hands
Now you can decide
To fight in the other side
Rebel against the rules

Lock ‘n’ load
Incoming misile
You are the target
And now it’s time to die

New Prevail  to the extinctionWar begins in you
Suporting our troops
Fighting for the Unknown
There’s Nothing left to loose
I just wanna go back home
But this game is not over