Factors to consider while Buying Olympus SLR Lenses

olympus slr lenses  Are you a nature photographer who love taking nature photos, artistic pictures and creative pictures, then you might have Digital SLR camera of your own. But owing a digital SLR camera alone could not solve your nature thirst; hence you must have a few collections of Olympus SLR Lenses, since these are Olympus Zuiko lenses that uses the four thirds mount for its magnification effects. If you’re the beginner in this aspect and have no idea from where to start in your research on lenses, then this article could help you a lot. In the coming paragraph you will come to know basic factors that you must consider while purchasing lenses for your Digital SLR camera. Let’s have a look at them now;


1). Check for Lens Speed Capacity: This would be the first and foremost thing to consider. This describes the maximum aperture of a lens which tells the size of the lens opening and shutter depression – all these are described in a letter F say like f/4, f/5.6, etc,. A speed lens will allow you to capture images of moving object and freeze them better a lot. My suggestion is that you buy an Olympus SLR lens that has f/4 would be great for a general purpose camera.


2). Check for the Focal Length Capacity: This refers to the length of the lens which is mentioned in the form of ‘mm’ measurement. This measurement helps us to find out the distance between a focal point of the camera sensor to the optical center of the SLR lens. In simple, this focal length tells you how much the lens can magnify the viewed object while capturing the image.


3). Check for the Distance of Focus in the Lens: This should be considered mainly if you are a macro photographer who wants to capture images in most magnified way. Hence check for the focus distance of the lens which is also mentioned in the form of ‘mm’.


4). Check for the Image Stabilization feature of Lens: This is referred to as IS in the lenses which helps in stopping camera shake movement while you open the shutter of the camera. This can also help in capturing a slow speed image while the object is moving at a high speed.


5). Check for the Quality and Brand of the Lens: Most of the lens manufacturers differ in their lens quality. You can check this quality by a red ring at their end part in several lenses; these quality lenses are also called luxury lenses which have high quality glass and elements. These quality lenses are also called as speed lenses with heavy weight along with fast focusing capacity. But these high quality lenses would be of expensive type. So try to buy less expensive brandy lenses that have low speed power and focus length which you could find in several online shops like Camera House, eBay, Amazon, etc,.


6). Analysis you Budget for lens: This would the more important one for beginners. If you cannot afford an expensive one try to go for inexpensive lenses that have less capacity in magnifying. Most of the professional photographers would buy an expensive one for their work in totally on capturing objects but for a fresher you might only use these lenses say for a couple of times only, hence try to pick a lens that are inexpensive and compact.



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