Available Access to Set your Feet to the Beautiful Land of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has been one of the most famous tourist destinations in Latin America. Often, this is the best place for people from the north due to its political stability and prosperity. The country is a paradise that features tropical rain forest and amazing beaches. With a couple of coasts, the country is a wonderland for people who love marine love and water sports. It showcases jungles full of wildlife. People from across the globe travel to see the national parks of the country filled with hummingbirds and other species.

A Costa Rican trip can be the best journey of our lifetime especially if you love the outdoors. While many travelers can afford to travel to this region without worrying about how much they will spend, some travelers are still on a strict budget. If you want to visit this place without breaking the bank, read on to get helpful information.

Making Your Way through Land Travel

Generally, it will cost you more to drive to Costa Rica than to fly. A lot of travelers choose to fly into San Jose and then find a car to rent from there. After you have reached Central America, you can take a bus from a country nearby to save some money. International buses connect San Jose to Panama City, Guatemala City, Panama; San Salvador, El Salvador; Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Managua, Nicaragua. Compared with local bus prices, prices for international buses can cost a bit more. However, your extra cash is worth it as you navigate customs procedures.

What About Traveling by Land

You can go online to find cheap airfares. You can consider taking a plane ride from certain place to the next. Interior plane rides to be inexpensive and safe. Airlines such as American Airlines, US Airways, Mexicana Airlines and TACA are often the cheapest options. You can depart from New York City and fly to Costa Rica to save some more. Atlanta and Los Angeles offer regular flights; however, the fares are often higher. Also, during April and December seasons, fares are expected to be higher. Majority of international flights end in San Jose’s Juan Santamaria International Airport.

A Sea Travel Can Truly Be Fun

You can also go to Cost Rica by sea. While this travel is slower than other options, you will surely enjoy the Caribbean if you love the ocean. You can observe a lot of cruise ships stopping in Costa Rica, usually along the coastline of the Caribbean. However, unless you got a boarding pass from a company raffle, this kind of travel is quite expensive.

Alternatively, you can apply for a job to become a crew of vessels bound for Costa Rica. When you go online, you can find websites that post for crew seeking passage or captains seeking for crew. In general, these are non-paid jobs that return your work as a crew for free passages. When you depart from a southern part, it is a good idea to walk at the marina so that you can find a ship bound for Costa Rica.

Author Bio: Lucy is a frequent traveler who has created her blog site to help travelers from around the world get to see Costa Rica. She has been travelling for a decade now.

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