Beautiful Animals (Official Music Videos)

Music is much more powerful than many people realize. The music you hear can brainwash you, help you, hurt you, and even make you realize things you never thought of. Many songs on the radio these days are complete garbage that are not even worth listening to. In the video below, check out a song that is the complete opposite.  It has a great sound, message, and purpose.

Beautiful Animals (Official Music Video)

This song was written to bring awareness to the harsh realities of the world, and to help those in need. In the video, you will see many young children that were born into undesirable living conditions in a remote village in Uganda. You can see up close and personal footage that is rare. Though these children find ways to smile, they still need help desperately. The artist of the song and video made this music video for the primary purpose of getting these children help.

The song that goes along with the video is really funky and cool. It has a fun seventies type sound to it with a bit of spoken word to bring attention to what’s going on in the video. An impressed youtuber said, “beautiful and powerful video!”

The song “Beautiful Animals” is just one of the many meaningful music videos available to watch on the youtube channel, “Flaunt.” If you enjoyed this song, it is available for free download on Soundcloud. You can just click on the link below the youtube video to get there.

To see more amazing music and powerful reads by Flaunt, click here. The website is sure to open your eyes a bit wider.

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