Planning a Party at Home this Holidays – Do’s and Don’ts

The holiday season is a great reason to meet old friends, family members and relatives. The vibe in the air is very positive and makes one feel very enthusiastic. So why not plan a party to meet all these awesome people in your life and thank them for all that they do for you. A house party is a good way to do so. Hosting a party at your home could be a long task if you don’t pre-plan it correctly. It could be daunting to run around those end minute things and making sure everything is in place. First, make sure you fix a date for the party on which everyone is free. It’s a waste of time when you make plans and then realise that most of your friends are backing out. Here’s a checklist of the things that you should follow, in order to host a great party at your place!

1. Make an invitation list: List down all the people you wish to invite. Ensure you are inviting only those people whom you actually want to be in the party and not for formality sake. It is not a pleasant experience to be in a house where people are more than the space available. You can create a separate list of people to invite, in case if some people from your primary list back out. Keep the guest count to minimum for maximum enjoyment.

2. Decide on the theme: Themes are the newest elements of parties this season. Superheroes theme, Hollywood themes, Hawaiian theme or even dress code themes. You can decide the dress code and theme for a party. This adds a pinch of new excitement and your party will be a perfect recipe for a great holiday season party! Additionally, you should create the ambiance in your home according to the theme. Buy decoration things that suit your party theme. Your close ones will surely love this idea!

3. Food & drinks: Plan the menu well in advance. Have a 3 course meal plan ready with you. Entree beverages is an add on and is a great way to invite your guests. You also need to decide where will this food come from. If you plan to make all of that at your home with your own hands, then get a list of ingredients as well, which you can shop at once when you head out. If you are planning to buy this food from a restaurant, then contact them to inquire if they would be able to deliver that quantity on the decided date and time. Last minute planning for food is a big no-no.

4. Send e-invitations: Once you have decided on the theme and know whom to invite, then prepare an e-invite to send across. Phone invitations are so last year! An e-invite would make you stand out among your close ones and you will surely see maximum people on your list attending the party. Don’t forget to mention the theme of your party too and the kind of food they will be welcomed with. There are many websites online which allow you to make e-cards and invites so making one for your party shouldn’t be a hassle at all.

5. Music: While all the people RSVP to your party event, you can in the meanwhile decide on the music you plan to have at your party. This is an extremely important part so get your CDs, music players, speakers and amplifiers checked beforehand. No good music is a huge let down for people who are attending the party.

6. Check the bar: Keep your bar stocked up according to the drinks your guests would like to have. It’s a good gesture to ask your guests about which drinks would they prefer, prior to the party. For this particular gesture, they are surely going to compliment you for being a good host and will remember your party for years to come!

Author Bio:

Pamela Mclean is a famous party planner of her city. She is renowned for great planning and execution of unique and innovative parties and themes. She writes extensively about how one can plan parties in most unique, quick and newer ways possible. When she does manages to get time off her busy schedule, she also joins other parties as a guest.

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