Leverage Your Inner Potential with the Soulful Teachings of Anusara Yoga

Yoga signifies the union of the soul with the super-soul through a set of divine exercises. At a temporal level, the exercises capacitate one to realize the latent energies in the body to foster health, enduring happiness and peace of mind. Anusara yoga is widely acclaimed for its far-reaching impact on the human body and spirit.


About Anusara Yoga

In 1997, US born John Friend started this school of Yoga by commingling India’s Iyenger yoga style with Western concept, the thrust being on rejuvenating spiritual elements of Hinduism.

Friend also laid the foundation of Anusara Inc. which issues certification to instructions interested in taking the appeal of this unique Yoga to the masses. Health conscious people wishing to uplift themselves morally, spiritually and physically must enrol for Anusara Yoga class run by such qualified teachers.

The underlying concepts

Ancient Indian texts are held in high esteem by modern scholars who have profusely been inspired by the enlightening concepts of Yoga and other ancillary topics. Anusara Yoga stresses upon the ‘Universal Principles of Alignment’ which underpin the psychical postures and form the philosophical facets of the practice.

The Sanskrit term Anusara implies being in tune with the nature and following one’s heart as goodness is intrinsic in every human and just requires to be polished. Ancient Tantric texts, classical treatises like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and widely known Bhagavad Gita motivated Friend to reinterpret the teachings inherent in them from a non-dualistic perspective termed Shiva Shakti Samagama.

Yoga Practice

This Yoga has been categorized in 3 parts called 3 A’s.

  • Attitude wherein the heart’s force drives every asana’s expression with the ambition to realize one’s divine nature and celebrate life
  • Alignment implies consciousness about the integration and interconnection of different parts constituting the human body
  • Action implies movement of energy through the body in its natural rhythm which accomplishes stability and soul’s flight to ecstasy for the humans

Five important alignment principles guide the yogic course of the practitioners. When the practitioner strikes a particular yogic posture, he or she refines the posture alignment by carrying out the principles in order. Each principle is further ramified into further refinements. The underlying aim is to align oneself with the incessant flow of supreme consciousness that is suffusing the entire mundane existence. One has to discard the parochial temperament and embrace an attitude of open mindedness and devotion to allow the consciousness to drench his or her soul.

The focal point of the body is the central location towards which concentration of energy is accomplished by drawing stray energy forms from the body’s periphery. This assures of enhancing strength, prolonged stability and physical integration in the posture. Alternatively, the energy is extended out of the focal point to overwhelm the body’s periphery through core lines. This allows for pliancy and energy expansion. Energy is channeled through various routes which have been established after careful study of the human anatomy.

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About the author:

Jennifer is a certified instructor for the Anusara Yoga class. She has been associated with the revolution since its inception. Her writings offer useful insights into the subject.

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