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Choosing the Right Builder for your Home


A home is a major investment for most people and it is essential to take care of that investment. When building a new home, it is important to get the investment off on the right foot with the right builder. The right builder is the one who has experience in the type of home construction desired and the one that will get the job done in the allowed time frame and for the estimated cost.

There are two places to begin the search for a reputable home builder, and they are the local building association, real estate agents and real estate section of the local newspaper. If there is a trade or vocational school in the the area, check to see if they have a carpentry class in need of a building project.

The first step in the home building process is to define the type of home wanted. Some contractors will construct a wide variety of homes while others will only build certain types of homes or homes within a certain price range. It is essential builders with CPD points to their credit are on the list of those being considered.

Construction experience is essential, but do not count out a new home building entity. Look at the experience of the builders within the company and that will demonstrate the abilities of the company. Most brand new companies are started by very experienced people.

Ask a contractor for references and investigate the homes they have built in the past. If possible, talk with the homeowner about the builder in question and find out if they were happy with the work. Be sure to ask about any follow up work that might have needed to be completed to repair or replace something that did not work the first time around. If the homeowner is happy with the work, they will sing the builders praises. If they were not happy with the work ask for specific reasons why not.

It is essential to make sure the builder has the proper licensing and insurance, as well as the necessary number of CPD points. Builders with CPD points, have taken the time to keep up to date with the latest and greatest building technologies. Not all states require builders to be licensed. Request a copy of the builder’s insurance certificate. Most reputable builders will include documentation of licensing and insurance with a written cost estimate or contract.

Make sure the builder provides a warranty for work and materials. The systems and components, such as heating and air conditioning systems and kitchen appliances will be brand new and will come with a warranty. Make sure the warranty includes a structural warranty of at least 10 years on the home itself and an added benefit for resale is to have the warranty transferrable to a new owner if the building is sold within the warranty time frame.

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