Foster A Stronger Professional Relationship Among Co-Workers Through An Amazing Race Team Building Event

One of the longest-running reality TV shows is “The Amazing Race,” which also happens to be the most extravagant race in the world; contestants travel across continents via plane or train to complete all sorts of tasks that not only challenge their physical skills but also their psychological endurance. Millions of people watch every episode because every task presents an experience that most can only dream of; plus, the way contestant partners encourage each other to be able to perform the tasks well is always a great reminder of what people can accomplish through teamwork.

Teamwork — this is the core value of the game. It’s impossible to conquer anything without people working together toward the same objective, so a lot of company team building activities are actually patterned on the reality TV competition. It’s a game that’s a combination of a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt and several other well-loved games; it’s ideal for all sizes of teams, be they two-member teams or ones the size of a rugby team. It gets everybody outdoors, which in itself is already an exciting element. Some companies set aside a special day just for this team building event while there are some who integrate it to their company picnics or outings – which means that the activity can finish faster, which can also be what some people prefer, but the important thing is that the same core values are reinforced.

No doubt about it, Amazing Race is a fun game, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for people to discover the skills of others and use them to win challenges. Most of the time, the jobs people do in the office prevent co-workers from knowing more about each other and even discovering commonalities between them that can help improve working relationships or even personal ones.

Typically, after a successful Amazing Race, the HR department of a company gets to evaluate the strong points of employees and their performance in the game provides a reliable basis for the determination of how they can serve the company even better. Take, for example, the bilingual employees (in the TV show) who managed to breeze through the challenge at China or Korea Town; new opportunities can open up for them since some clients may have a sense of affinity with them – it’s these simple things that get discovered in “non-work” situations that can significantly benefit business operations.

Basically, the idea here is that sometimes the effort to further motivate workers to improve productivity and quality of work does not come in a reward system; rather, a carefully planned game can do the trick. A game like the Amazing Race can present so many advantages — it’s not just a fun break from the usual work routine, but it can also lead to discoveries that can impact a company’s operations in a multitude of ways.

About The Author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant by profession and a content creator, writer and blogger. Having been exposed to the different aspects and faces of businesses, she frequently does research on useful information regarding the different methods and techniques to further improve business marketing, sales, performance and shares her ideas on business management through blog writing.She recommends for team building activities to promote camaraderie in the workplace.

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