Haute Publicity— Hot Fashion PR That Reaches Your Stylish Audience

Landing an editorial placement in one of the world’s hottest fashion magazines can be pretty tough to accomplish. Certain obstacles can get in your way. You could be new to the industry and have yet to make a name for yourself. You might not have the massive resources of other designers to arrange an event to promote your designs. And you could be terrified of meeting with editors and buyers and society’s elite, preferring instead to perfect your designs in a quiet workshop.

It’s understandable that you’d rather not be stressed out with trying to promote your first or latest collection to the public and the industry. But you need to circulate and get your name recognised so you can keep creating your wearable masterpieces and sustain your passion. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone because when you need to get some fashion PR going, you can hire a PR agency.

The great thing about a PR agency working for you is that you get access to contacts you would not have otherwise. This means securing editorial coverage in top-tier fashion magazines. You could get your latest collection included in a fashion spread or have your new bags, shoes, and other accessories featured in the product pages.

Of course, in today’s Web age, you shouldn’t limit your brand’s exposure to just magazines. The best Sydney PR agency will also set you up with Australia’s leading fashion bloggers, who not only have the biggest audiences but who also carry great influence over your target market — from stylish teens to fabulous ladies who lunch.

The value of a PR agency for your fashion label also allows you to make timely pitches. Know that fashion magazines will have their editorial calendars arranged a year in advance so themes and stories will most likely have been decided. Whether you’re pushing for your summer collection for teens or looking to introduce your haute couture line for men, your PR agency will know when to send the pitch so that it meets the magazine’s editorial calendar.

Finally, you can’t stir up publicity for your ready-to-wear line or your haute couture collection without going to those industry events. That’s right, you need to schmooze. The ideal PR company will be known for its fashion events, where the who’s who of the industry will be in attendance, from the country’s leading fashion magazines and high-earning fashion bloggers to the most influential buyers. All you have to do is show up, look absolutely sublime, and be ready to put in the time and effort to get your fashion label the attention it deserves.

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