All You Need To Know About The Lens

With more and more people today opting to wear contact lenses today, it would be nice you were equipped with the basic knowledge of these accessories.

Why People Wear Lenses

lensesWhereas the initial idea behind the development of the lens was to correct vision as well as enhance it, its use has grown and nowadays, the contact lenses are used for other purposes such as aesthetics and therapeutically. It is the continued research in the field that has seen them growing in function as well as in the manufacturing processes. Corrective vision is still the primary function for many wearers but the aesthetic advantage these have over glasses is what has earned the contacts such popularity.

When it comes to correcting vision, lenses may help people who are nearsighted as well as those who are farsighted see things more clearly and in perspective. They are also used by people with reading defects, and even those who are disturbed by light. The whole point is that they give you an almost 20/20 vision without the baggage that comes with glasses.

In the case of cosmetics, the lens can give you a different eye color as many contacts come in a variety of colors; from colorless, to blue, green and even purple. This has especially made them a favorite among actors as besides changing the color of your natural eyes, they give a dramatic effect making the eyes appear larger in some cases.

In the therapeutic use, contact lenses are used as follow-up recovery to a medical procedure. In the case of eye surgery within the cornea, they will help protect the eye from external conditions such as abrasion caused by blinking eyelids and even too much wind among others. Some contacts have even been developed to deliver medicine to the eye instead of the traditional method of using eye drops.

Advantages of the Lenses over Glasses

One superior advantage that the lenses have over glasses is that only contact lenses can be used to correct defects such as keratoconus and aniseikonia. Also, they offer a wide eye view even to the sides making them a favorite among sports men and women. They let you see things just as you normally would with your normal eyes, only clearer if you have defective vision.

Also, contacts allow you to wear sunglasses without getting prescriptions for them too. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to wear 3D glasses without wearing them over your normal glasses and looking like a complete weirdo? Well, with lenses, you can. You can wear goggles and buy designer sunglasses just like any other ordinary person.

In case it rains or snows or fogs, the glasses get misty and vision is blurred; this does not happen with contact lenses. The lens lets you sweat and run and jump in the rain all the while without compromising your eyesight. To the ordinary person this might not seem like much, but if you do wear glasses, you totally understand how liberating it can be to not have to worry about wiping the glasses every now and then.

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