How To Manage The Costs Of Air Conditioning

Adjusting to the effects of global warming can be burdensome for households. Over the summer, air conditioning units are kept running practically all day, so don’t be surprised if the electric bill you have to shoulder just keeps getting significantly higher every year. According to reports, the price of electricity can only be expected to go up in the same way that temperatures will continue to become intensely higher as years roll in – you can hope for your salary to increase so you can easily pay for your electric bill, but that’s really not likely to take the same ascending route as the price of fossil-fuelled energy and the world’s temperature.

The thing is, you can manage the cost of your air conditioning – London maintenance services have five easy tips that you can try. These tips will not only ensure that your AC unit cools your home really well during the scorching hot months but they will also help prolong the life of your AC and minimise its energy consumption so you can save some money.

  1. Always make sure that the windows and doors are tightly closed when you’re running the unit. This is a no-brainer, but so many people neglect to implement this tip which then forces the machine to “work some more” and consume more energy so rooms will reach the right comfortable cool temperature.
  2. Inspect air-sealing in your home to minimise air leaks around doors and windows. Use caulk as sealant. To check which areas have air leaks, walk around your home when the AC’s on to feel where cool air manages to leak out.
  3. Change your air conditioner’s air filters regularly – preferably every month or two.  According to the professionals in air conditioning maintenance London locals hire, dirty air filters do not only affect the quality of air that comes from the unit but also affect the efficiency of the unit. Clogged filters overwork the machine, making it prone to damage and decreasing its lifespan.
  4. Try to use heat-producing appliances at night when it’s not as warm inside your home.  Again, this will prevent your air conditioner from overworking to achieve and maintain the right temperature inside the house.
  5. Make the switch to LED or even CFLs because they do not emit a lot of heat. Also, be sure to turn off lights when you don’t really need them because this will save you money on lighting and cooling costs.

Now, if you’re not only looking to cut down energy costs but you also want to be more environmentally responsible, AC maintenance professionals suggest switching to a newer air conditioning unit — one that doesn’t use Chlorodifluoromethane or R22. Phase-outof this refrigerant is slowly being implemented by AC manufacturers and substitutes are taking over. One of the refrigerant substitutes used by newer AC models is R-407C. Residential air conditioners that make use of R-407C are commonly found in Europe; it’s deemed more ozone-friendly, which is why many are inclined to switch to ACs that use it as refrigerant.

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