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Detecting Home Pests and Ridding of Them


A household pest lurking in your home can wreak damage, leave filth, and become very costly to you if not addressed early. To avoid costs and prevent internal damage, early detection is necessary. If you are concerned that pests may have found a way into your home, the following are a number of methods to recognizing their presence. In addition, you’ll find the subsequent action you should immediately take to implement pest control and pest removal to rid of the disaster invoking intruders from your home.

Food Tampering

Food packaging that is torn, shredded, or gnawed at is a sign of pests. Tiny crumbs and scatterings tend to gather around the stored food, leaving a small mess. The most common types of foods that are targeted by indoor pests are grains, seeds, and high fat and sugary snacks. If you’ve found food tampering in your home, the most likely culprit is a rodent, and it probably has created a nest for itself somewhere in your living space.

Wood Dust

Properties with a great deal of wooden paneling, wood floors, and wooden foundations are especially prone to termites. Tiny piles of wood dust in areas around the home where wood is present is the first sign of termites. In addition, if you or the termite inspector were to break the wood open, there would be a trail where the termites feed off the wood. Lastly, the wood that termites infest tends to become splintered and hollow over time. Termites in the home are a serious issue, and a termite inspector should be called immediately upon detection. Failing to tend to the issue as soon as possible can result in structural damage to the property.

Specks of Blood

If you’ve noticed minute specks of blood on your bed sheets, along and if you’ve also been experiencing skin irritation, then it is possible that your home may have fleas or bedbugs. Both of these insects thrive during the summer months, and can cause an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

Pest Control

Noticing any of the above three traits in your home may indicate that you have an uninvited visitor. The best way to protect the structure of your home, prevent the spread of disease, and to manage the situation is to instantly call your local pest control company.The company will be able to execute their pest removal strategies so that you and your family will be kept safe. The standard procedure for pest detection and removal is surveying of the premises through a home inspection, implementing the pest removal plan, and monitoring the pest threat in the coming weeks to ensure that the problem has been fully taken care of. While not all companies operate in a similar fashion, such a strategy is what is most typical.

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