A Chance To Win $3000 By Reading The Novel, “The Moroni Deception”

A Chance To Win $3000 in gold by playing detective; read The Novel, “The Moroni Deception”

In this gripping and suspenseful conspiracy thriller, reporter Michael Chenault is in for the story of his life. Identical ritual murders two thousand miles apart and a missing Mormon relic long thought to be just are just a myth are only the beginning, as he also tries to evade two murderous zealots known only as “The Brothers” who are hot on his tail. What Chenault discovers may not only affect the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election, but cause an entire religion to come tumbling down–if he can stay alive. Check out the book trailer below.

Win $3000 in Gold- The Moroni Deception

In a unique promotion, clues are sprinkled throughout the book and the book trailer (which will lead to more clues in other places) and if you’re the first to put them altogether, you will be $3000* richer in gold (*or value of two gold Kruggerands at the time of winning). It won’t be easy, but it will most fun for all and most rewarding for whoever is the first to figure out where the gold is. For more contest information visit www.themoronideception.com, and go to “News” for the very first clues to get started in the right direction

The Moroni Deception is now available exlusively on Amazon in eBook form for $2.99 (if you don’t have a Kindle, a free Kindle app for your phone, tablet or PC is available download), and in paperback edition in most places where books are sold online for $11.25. Buy it now, click here. (AMAZON LINK HERE)

“. . .an exciting page-turner in the tradition of The DaVinci Code. . .a hell of a ride. The pace is quick, the characters compelling, the stakes high. . .”
-M. Calvani, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Blogcritics.com

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