Mobiles are a Risk While Driving

At work most people find themselves multi-tasking all the time. That’s possibly the reason that so many people are convinced driving while making a mobile call or texting shouldn’t cause them any problems. Sadly, this false belief has cost many their good driving record, financial security, and tragically thousands of lives are lost due to this habit of using the mobile while behind the wheel.

The Most Important Reason to Put the Mobile Away 

According to statics in 2011 over 3,300 people were killed, and more than 300,000 injured in crashes caused by distracted driving. Put simply in these cases the driver took his or her attention off the road, and the result was tragedy. The link between cell phone use and distracted driving is made by comparisons with years in which cell phones, and texting weren’t as popular.  An estimated nearly 200 billion sent or received text messages were noted in 2011 up by almost 50% in 2009. As the use of the mobile increases, so too as the number of crashes and accidents.

Not as Easy as It Looks 

Among the reasons to reconsider using the mobile while driving is the fact, studies show this is beyond the abilities any human being. No one according to all the studies on cell phone use since 2010 is able to avoid common obstacles, sudden stops, or sudden changes in the road ahead of them while either texting, or talking on the mobile.

Most people become very comfortable behind the wheel after driving for even a short period of time and avoid accidents, but the reality is driving is an exercise in “multi-tasking”. As a driver makes his or her way through traffic, or along a lonely road a number of tasks are required. The wheel is held steady, or it will necessity small movements to keep the vehicle on the road. It’s important to monitor the speed, shift if the car is not automatic, and keep an eye on traffic behind as well as in front of the car.

Driving becomes a matter of routine as the individual becomes more comfortable in the driver’s seat, but the level of attention does NOT actually change. Adding the use of the device that takes the driver’s attention off the road, and away from the physical and mental requirements of driving often ends in an accident. This is the reason it’s safe there is no such thing as safe texting and driving a fact that hold true of removing the hand from the wheel while making a call.

The Financial Cost of Using a Mobile While Driving 

Having an accident is expensive no matter where it this incidence this occurs. In the U.S. the driver who becomes distracted by using the mobile will almost always be held responsible for the damages to all vehicles involved in an accident. The driver responsible will also face the cost of injuries to those involved as well. Insurance will pick up some of the expenses, but the other driver, and occupants of the vehicles involved can take the driver to court to recover all costs not paid by insurance.

The Physical Cost of Driving and Using a Mobile       

Aside from potentially losing the use of the driver’s automobile, there is also the possibility of an accident of being injured. Vehicle related accidents typically result in at least a few days missed work due to soft tissue injury such as sprains, and bruising. Depending on the speed of the car, and the involvement of other vehicles or obstacles far more serious injury is possible. Weeks or months of missed work are usually not covered by insurance, and can result in medical costs that exceed most insurance coverage. In short a few minutes on the mobile phone can result in the loss of employment at the same time the driver will be in need of expensive medical care.

Loss or Suspension of Driver’s License 

Even in places where texting or using a cell phone while driving isn’t illegal distracted driving can still result in the loss of the driver’s license if a judge finds his or her driving at fault for a serious accident. This is also the case if the driver is ticketed repeatedly for poor driving, an issue that pops up regularly for the mobile distracted driver.

How to Stay Connected While at the Wheel 

There are several ways to resist the urge to use a mobile cell while behind the wheel. Experts recommended pulling over to use a cellphone. Resist the temptation to use the mobile when stuck in traffic since the distraction puts the driver at risk of becoming a hazard to other drivers if the flow of traffic resumes. Using hands free devices like the GripGo to make calls or use GPS for navigation is another recommended method to keep both hands on the wheel, and the driver’s mind on the road ahead.

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