The Benefits Of Blown In Insulation

Many first time homeowners make the mistake of believing that their foray into property investment ends with the purchase of a home. The truth is, homeowners will have to regularly allocate money towards the maintenance of the property, including furnace repair. San Jose homeowners will also have to remember that they will also have to provide for air duct cleaning. San Jose residents may also have to consider blown in insulation for their new homes.

This type of insulation is a better alternative to a conventional batt and roll fiberglass insulation. However, it is installed in a different manner. Also, it is different from batt and roll insulation because it can be molded and used in just about any space in a home.

One of the benefits of blown in insulation is that it is more effective in keeping moisture out of your home because it has a tighter fit. Moisture in a home can render your efforts to insulate your home futile, causing several problems if left unchecked.
As compared to other forms of insulation, it is better than others in terms of energy efficiency. Apart from its tighter fit, the materials used in this type of insulation make your home warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer months. In turn, this translates to lower energy bills.

Blown in insulation utilizes recycled materials. What this means is that apart from allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint in terms of energy consumption, you are also doing Mother Nature another favor by appropriating materials that would otherwise accumulate at a dumpsite into something more useful at your home.

Finally, this type of insulation has another side benefit: reduced noise between the rooms. Typically, you would have to turn the sound of your radio down a little bit so as not to disturb the other occupants of the house. Or when you are speaking with your partner in your bedroom, you will have to make a conscious effort to tone your voice down so you won’t disturb your sleeping kids. With this type of insulation, you do not have to think about these things.

Down the road, you might be thinking about rebuilding the kitchen, updating its look to match modern trends. Perhaps you’re also thinking about remodelling the bathroom or having a backyard pool built. However, before you invest in these, you should consider upgrading your home’s insulation as this will prove to be the better investment which will yield better returns.

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