Five Cool Ideas For Using Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

THE CANDY BAR WRAPPERCandy bars can cheer up just about anyone. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, these confectionary goodies can turn any dull, weary, or stressful day into a much more delightful one. Just think about the great fun and glee that Willy Wonka’s dreamy, delicious factory can bring on whenever you watch the iconic movie (never mind the creepy, green-haired Oompa-Loompas). Here’s the thing: You can actually use candy bars other than for the sheer joy of consuming them.

When you buy personalized candy bar wrappers, you can actually use them for many, many purposes. And here are just five ideas to get you started.

As decorative elements for your events. Decorating an event or a party can be draining because you want to be able to present a space that not only captures the entire theme of your party without costing you an arm and a leg, but is also completely unique and memorable. Instead of the usual balloons, flowers, and other ubiquitous decorative items for parties, you could use personalized candy bars in a different way.

You could order personalized candy wrappers in gold, stack them up, and create miniature gilded structures as your centerpieces. You could get colorful candy bars in different sizes and place them in modern, transparent jars placed all around the event space. You could use similarly designed candy wrappers and add them as enhancements to an otherwise simple buffet set-up. The choices you make will, naturally, depend on the theme of your event.

As party favors. Perhaps no other goodie bag elicits anticipation and excitement more than one filled with edible items. You can get customized candy bar wrappers for any occasion, from bar and bat mitzvahs to weddings, from holiday parties to birthday parties.

As marketing and promotional items. Set your business apart from all others in your industry by giving away delicious treats, with your brand prominently presented on the candy bar wrapper. Make sure the colors, the font, and the overall design reflect your brand so that your delectable promotional products encourage recipients to (fondly) recall your business.

As party invitations. You can use personalized candy bars for a novel approach to drumming up interest for your party, be it a social event or a corporate affair.

As celebration for retirement. Finally, what could be a sweeter way of marking the end of a long and happy career than with a custom-made candy bar? You can get a personalized wrapper designed especially to announce your retirement. You can use your photo, an image that reveals what you might be doing after retirement (e.g., a silhouette of someone playing golf, a sail boat, or an island with a lone hammock), or just a general design that marks the day you can finally take a load off from the workforce and enjoy a blissful time of relaxation.

About the author: Roxanne Anderson is a teacher and part time writer. She is a mother to two adorable daughters. She enjoys hanging out with her little girls, enjoying kid stuff. Her interests are DIY crafts, party ideas, and food which she loves to share in her articles. Her interest on personalized candy wrappers as party giveaways was fueled when she visited the website The Candy Bar Wrapper.

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