MeLisa and Ryun Forever Family

Having a child can be quite a hand full for many young parents out there. Every child has to be fed, clothed, taken places, and pacified. Children love to yell, challenge, and make the biggest messes they can.

Taking care of one child sounds pretty challenging, huh? Can you imagine taking care of SIX of them?

In this new reality show called, “Forever Family,” you can watch this young couple scramble around with their six adopted children. Check out the video below!

If you enjoyed that, MeLisa and Ryun have a lot more to offer you. They just released their debut album, titled “Get up and Go” for your listening pleasure.

You can check out their website by clicking here. This young couple is not only entertaining, but is also striving to make the world a better place. Their mission is to help foster and adopted children in every way they can. Encouraging parents to adopt, exploring how to improve laws for foster children, equip foster and adoptive parents to better help their children’s needs, and empower the children with a positive self image are just a few of the things this admirable young couple does. On this website, you can stay up to date with the show, news, posts, their music, productions, and foundation.

The show is growing steadily in popularity. They have over one million views and counting as of today. With a few thousand videos for you to check out on their youttube channel, it will be very hard to become bored.  You are guaranteed laughs and touching moments throughout the whole series.

Many fans want to see MeLisa and Ryun air on television. If you are one of those fans, you can make it happen by sharing this video with your friends.

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