What Are The Benefits Of A Serviced Office? Liverpool Street Offers 3 Business Benefits

TheOffice-UKOwners of new small to medium businesses have quite a lot to think about. Their primary concern would typically be making a mark in their selected niche — with plenty of new and established competition out there, a venture’s entry would have to be extraordinary, and their offerings would be better welcomed by consumers if they address an important need or desire in the lives of their intended market. And then there are matters such as finding enough qualified personnel for handling the different aspects of the business, partnering with the best possible suppliers necessary for the creation of their products or services, putting up a website and creating online accounts for publicity, and others.

With a full plate in their hands (and financial matters to attend to in order to make everything run smoothly to boot), it’s no wonder that small business owners would be on the lookout for a cost-effective and flexible solution to another, more pressing matter: the acquisition of physical office space. The conventional way of going about this is to lease space, but a fledgling company may not yet have sufficient resources for a lease that ties the company down to a specific location for more than a year. There is one viable option, though: why not consider using a serviced office? Liverpool Street may just be the ideal location for your small venture’s operations.

Located on quiet New Broad Street (found between Old Broad Street and Bloomfield Street), Liverpool Street offers convenience for both the small business’s team and the clients they will be meeting. The office is just a short walk away from the tube, so travelling to the address will be no problem at all. But what other advantages does this serviced office provide small business owners? Listed below are three:

1. A serviced office can be just the right size for a small venture, but with all the practical office features. If all you need is a single room plus access to a dedicated conference room, then a serviced office enables you to utilise both — without paying more than you need to. Because you share the office space with other companies, the price of using office equipment (such as phone systems, fax machines, photocopiers, etc.) is significantly lowered — and you still get to perform your necessary tasks.

2. Serviced offices lend an impressive professional image. You may occupy only one or two rooms in the office building, but thanks to the well-managed property, your business will look like a well-oiled, long-established company. A professional receptionist can take or forward your calls, and they can also offer clients coffee or tea before leading them to a boardroom for a meeting.

3. The offices save time and money. In such an office setting, staff members are often kept to a minimum, so managing people will only take a fraction of the time. Also, a serviced office puts everything together into one bill per month — rates, rent, electricity, cleaning, gas, and such — so figuring out the total costs means less hassle for the business owner.

About the Author: Sarah Miller is business consultant. Her passion about business marketing and advertising, business strategies and business improvement have motivated her to write articles in order to provide individuals more knowledge about the best practices and solutions for businesses. To know the best information about businesses, Sarah visits websites like Theoffice-uk.co.uk to find the best solutions for better and more effective business services.

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