Be Noticeable Everyday : Choose The Right Dress Shirt Combination

shirtMen usually have a misconception that they have limited options to get noticed when they wear dress shirts on special occasions. It is usually assumed that women are finicky about their dressing and have trouble choosing the right kind of clothes for special occasions, but the truth is men are equally clueless and conflicted when it comes to dressing up for special occasions. They too run out of ideas when it comes to wearing dress shirts for special occasions and most men complain that dress shirts are too monotonous and not exciting enough.

When choosing dress shirts, the only things that men think about are different colors, fits and brands. Once these options are explored all the shirts are just that; plain shirts. The fact is if a little creativity is put to test, men have so many styles and looks to flaunt by just accessorizing their dress shirts. By using their fashion sensibilities they can rock the same shirt from previous week’s party in a totally different avatar. To make matters simple, we have put across a list of accessories men can sport to elevate the aesthetics of simple dress shirts. Here is how you can be noticeable everyday : choose the right dress shirt combination and you are set to be a trendsetter.

Accessorize with Cuff-Links 

One seriously under-rated accessory for men is cuff-links. Believe it or not, a man’s style quotient can go high by just by accessorizing with stylish cuff-links. It is seriously difficult to understand why most men choose to ignore cuff-links as a fashion statement. The best part is there are so many different varieties they can choose from and flaunt combination of dress shirts and cuff-links for different parties. There are a total of 6 different types of cuff-links that men can choose from that cover right from casual, semi formal to formal dress codes. To make it easy here is how you can choose the right kind of cuff-links for appropriate functions

# Casual - You can use silk knot cuff-links, they are super trendy and are available in a vast range of colors and combinations that will bring to life any boring plain dress shirt. Apart from the silk knot cuff-links, you can also opt for the breast cancer cufflinks that are in the shape of the global icon for breast cancer, the pink ribbon. These cute cuff-links are easy on the eye and along with being fashionable you also lend your support and help create awareness about breast cancer. There are other causes you can opt for like fight against hunger cufflinks (white ribbons), prostate cancer cufflinks (blue ribbons) or leukemia awareness cufflinks (red ribbons). You can choose a cause that you support and spread awareness in a fashionable manner.

# Semi-formal - Metal or semi-precious stones are a perfect combination for a semi-formal dress shirt. You can try embellishments made from metal cuff-links for an edgy look. When sporting a semi formal look, you can also opt for the above support group cufflinks that cause awareness.

# Formal - Diamonds or gold or other precious metal like platinum cuff-links can enhance the look of a formal dress shirt and take it to a completely new level.


Ties are perhaps the most over-rated accessory for men but the sad part is most men are not able to exploit its potential. They somehow end up combining a boring tie with an equally boring dress shirt. The fact is there are so many different kinds of textures, prints and colors to choose from and let us not forget the different kinds of knots that you can experiment with. Some swanky tie-knots are The Trinity knot or the Eldredge knot. You will don a completely new look when you try different types of ties and tie-knots.

Collar Pins 

It is pretty surprising how most men completely disregard classy collar pins. This accessory has an old world charm to it and can elevate a simple dress shirt to a completely new level

Tie Pins 

When you wear plain ties without any motifs or designs, then you can add some spunk to it by accessorizing it with a tie pin. It need not be anything flashy, even a simple silver pin can do wonders for a plain tie. Tie pins enhances the look of your dress shirts and ties like never before.

Pocket Squares on Your Jacket

If you plan to wear a jacket or a suit on top of your dress shirt, you can don a pocket square on your jacket pocket. A man wearing suits with pocket square look dapper and elegant. This small accessory adds a touch of glamour and grace to your dress shirt and jacket.

Apart from these obvious styles, when wearing dress shirts you can try other accessories like scarves or a waist coat. These accessories make any man look well-dressed. It is high time men understand that it is all about experimenting and embracing new styles and make your own fashion statement while wearing dress shirts.

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