The secret to the success of Lindberg glasses

Lindberg glasses make no attempt to disguise their ambition to appeal to the more affluent of people. When one visits their website – aptly named – then one finds a homepage on which they are confronted with four options and a fashionable photograph of a model wearing a pair of Lindberg glasses. The four options are ‘news’, ‘celebrities’, ‘showroom’, and ‘dealer search’. The ‘dealer search’ page is essential, because it gives all of the customers a chance to easily purchase a pair of the glasses. The ‘news’ section is for the more discerning customer who wants to learn about the brand a little more before they make a purchase.


The Queen of England, Rowan Atkinson, Danny Boyle and Elton John are amongst the list of pictured celebrities wearing Lindberg glasses. The scroll bar below the portraits reveals many more famous people. When one clicks on a portrait, it enlarges it and reveals the model of the glasses. Max Grinndal – the Swedish sports journalist – is wearing the Lindberg 1020. This method of viewing the pairs of glasses reflects the way that consumers shop for such glasses, which is that the most important factor is the celebrity who is wearing them. The sleek and stylish viewing platform is precisely what someone shopping for some Lindberg glasses wants to see.


The Showroom options are ‘Women’, ‘Men’, ‘Kid and Teen’, ‘Sun’, ‘Horn’, and ‘Precious’. The page that a person is shown after selecting an option is a scattered and tiled-like format of both glasses and models wearing glasses. Although the layout is clearly intended to appear more fashionable than functional, it is one that smoothly allows the customer to see a wide range of glasses in a short space of time.

The ‘Kids and Teen’ section is a particularly interesting one. Very few designer sunglasses companies give such space to children on their websites. As much as could be expected, the layout of the page is aimed toward the parents, but it is still a significant decision.

‘Horn’ is where customers find the handcrafted glasses made by water buffalo horn and titanium. The glasses are not on view in their tens, as they are for the other sections, but each page is given one pair of glasses. This gives the ‘Horn’ glasses the exclusivity that they deserve.

The ‘Precious’ section, which is the final option of the Showroom, is Lindbergs way of leaving their best until last. These glasses are the among the smartest and most desirable ones that a person can purchase. They are also presented in an appropriately fitting manner.

The style of Lindberg glasses

As one would hope, the style of the website is a style that is reflected in the glasses. A thoughtful company would design their website to reflect the style of what they sell; this is professional practice. The style of the glasses are fashionable, current, and sleek. They clearly strike the chord of trend, but they do this without appearing cute. They are glasses that will help a person stand out in a classy but unassuming way.

If you are interested to see a wide selection of the Lindberg glasses, please be sure to check out ProfilOptik’s website (in Danish Lindberg briller ProfilOptik).

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