How Gold Belt Buckles Make a Fashion Statement

Take the word belt buckles and you immediately think of brass or maybe even silver buckles. However, there is one other metal used often to make buckles for belts. We are referring to the precious metal called gold. Now, do not think that this article is going to portray how expensive and exclusive gold buckles are. Instead, we want to show you how belt buckles made from gold can be fashion statements as well as everyday wear.

So, how can this contrast happen? Today, we are going to take you into the world of gold buckles and bust some myths along the way.

1. Our first myth relates to designs. When we think of gold buckles, the only design that comes to mind is a plain-Jane simple design. However, this myth is propagated because not all of us buy gold belt buckles. If you go to any store to buy these buckles, you will find the simple vanilla designs along with some very intricate ones. These designs could include engravings or specific designs requested by the customers.

2. Our second myth relates to cost. The biggest myth surrounding gold buckles is that they are very expensive and cannot be afforded by normal customers. However, nothing can be further from the truth. You see, there are two types of gold buckles. One type is the solid gold version and the other is the gold plated version. The solid gold versions are expensive and the price varies with the actual cost of gold. On the other hand, gold plating means that the base metal is much cheaper and the buckle is plated with a small amount of gold to replicate the golden look.

3. Our third myth relates to combinations. Most of us (even me for a long period) think that golden buckles can only be worn with formal clothes. While that is true most of the time, it is not always true. Like any other buckle, this depends on the design. For example, would you wear a gold plated UFC design buckle with a formal shirt and formal pants? We all know the answer to that question, don’t we? However, if you had a gold plated belt buckle without any design, it could easily be paired with a formal shirt and formal pants.

4. Our fourth myth relates to the types of buckles. Golden buckles are not limited in their use. Any buckle – snap on or metal clip – can be made as a golden buckle. In fact, almost every buckle design has a golden option included in the range. The main reason for this is because as technology improves, designers can incorporate gold plating or solid gold into any object including buckles.

As we can see, belt buckles made from gold are by no means expensive or unilateral in design. Today, you can easily purchase a gold buckle for your belt and it will not burn a hole in your pocket. So, what do you think? Is a gold buckle part of your style or wardrobe? Leave your comments and let us know!! And if you are interested you can see a great collection of different types on belt buckles at Hot Buckles’s website.

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