Hottest New Talents Contest

If you are a singer, actor, comedian, or any other type of creative talent, you know how hard it can be to get yourself exposure and attention. Even the best of the talent these days were once where you were at. The road to stardom usually requires having the right person here you at the right time. How do I do that? you are probably asking. You need to post post post your act everywhere you can, and take advantage of every means of exposure that you can. The internet and radio can be very valuable tools in getting your voice heard.

That said, this short, thirty second video is packed with good information to help you out if you are in this dilemma.

Hottest New Talents Contest; Fiverr

In the video, an incredible offer is made. This offer is exclusively on the website from a fellow named CJ from H&A Radio. He will help you get your voice heard by the public by playing your talent on his radio station. That is kind of a big deal. And it will only cost you a meagre $5.

Only five dollars for your song to be broadcasted to a number of listeners. By doing this you will be ahead of the game with your talent. You can choose to submit your work via mp3 or you can choose to perform live on the air!

Not only will your act be broadcasted though, bands, singers, rappers, and comics. CJ is also hosting the hottest New Artist 2014 competition. By submitting your work will be entered in this contest. Listeners will vote, and polls with decide.

So go to and search “HNA2″ under gigs to submit your best monologue, comedy, song, spoken word, poem, any audio you want to be played on H&A radio. It is that easy. A little exposure can go a long way.

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