The Six Secrets to Make Luxury Timer’s Artistry Refined

Many of us often wonder ‘what’s there in a name’?

Simply everything! Brand names are not just the parade of popularity. I am sure when you plan to gift yourself a luxury watch , history, quality, brand recognition is imperative to guarantee each watch as a timeless piece. But what make these watches timeless is often overlooked by most of us. The appreciation of luxury watches is built by its rich proven features and excellence to make the buyers turn into devoted benefactor of the brand.

“Time is money” rightly said by Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest money-maker. According to Warren, “never invest in a business you don’t understand”. Likewise, never invest on watches without understanding the benefits you can extract. Almost every wristwatch will provide you time but what makes a luxury watch distinguish them is the admired quality of their craftsmanship and the beauty of their varied specifications. It is the interior mechanics of a timepiece that determines its values. So, if you need a Multi-Tasker, choose extravagance quartz that can ensure its features worth of its investment.



Earlier the movement of mechanical watch was thrown off balance when comes in contact with a strong magnetic field. However, with the advancement of technology most of the luxury watches claim to be anti-magnetic. This specification is acquired by using alloy for certain parts of the watch especially the escape wheel and the balance wheel.

Omega announces its first anti-magnetic watch movement- watches that are resistant to magnetic. The antimagnetic quality requires a watch to run no more than a deviation of 4,800A/m within a magnetic field.

Automatic winding:

Automatic winding

The quality refers to a timepiece with mechanical movement. Its speciality lies in its convoluted shape run through the motion of the wearer’s arm rather than turning the winding stem. The motion turns the rotor to wind the mainspring of the watch.

Cartier Roadster’s best creation of automatic-winding wristwatches is primarily noticed with the Aquatimer. While some others are Pellaton automatic winder. While it is important to keep your quartz set to correct time and ready-to-wear, winders also maintain its accuracy and longevity over the course of its lifetime.



Who do not want a timepiece that can be started and stopped to time an event? Well, every watch fan! Most of the luxury watches involve a built-in stopwatch function that is possible with chronograph. Some functions with a centre second hand which display time on the watch’s main dial while others use sub-dials to time-elapsed hours, minutes and seconds. The feature when used in concurrence with specialized scales on the face of the watch can perform varied functions such as determining the distance and speed.

Da Vinci Chrono sets a new standard by bringing together separate displays of minute and hours for an extended time measurement. The so called, watch within a watch or popularly called double counter, allow aggregate time recording of hours and minutes in a similar way of an analog time display with two hands.



Innovative technology created a movement that can operate without the use of battery. The movement completely relies on the wrist to charge an efficient capacitor which powers the quartz movement. However, once the capacitor is fully charged, men specified models store energy for 724 days while ladies models store energy for maximum 3- 7 days. But, of course, regular use of the watch gradually recharges the capacitor. You can notice the alert of a low capacitor charge when the seconds hand starts to move in two second interval.

Seiko watch is celebrated for its inventive kinetic engineering. The kinetic technological innovation resolve problems like securing the rotor from shock or maintaining the electrical flow of the watches. Seiko watches are globally recognized as one of the best creations that goes non-battery and eco-friendly.

Power reserve indicator:

Power reserve indicator

Ordinary watches never signal the need of a new battery or winding. This is the excellence of luxury watches with its power reserve indicator to inform the wearer about when the battery needs recharging. The alert mechanism is noted once the seconds hand moves at two or three-seconds intervals.

Frank Muller’s creation is restrained and simple with their latest release of Vintage Curvex 7-days power reserve models. The movement has an operating speed of 18,000 bhp which undoubtedly helps to keep a long power reserve. The power reserve indicator does not disrupt the dial in any significant way and is one of the piece’s most distinctive elements.



The mainstream of the luxury timer is designed with a device consisting of algorithm and other scales on the exterior edge of the watch’s surface. It is used to do mathematical calculations. One of the scales is marked on a rotating bezel and can be slid against the immobile scale to make the calculation. A few Sliderule allow specific calculation related to fuel consumption or fuel weight.

Breitling in 1950 released the Navitimer collection which remains a huge hit till date. The periphery of the Navitimer contains functional circular Sliderule that exists in a pre-electronic calculator world making a host of calculation possible.

Change is the only constant factor. The taste of the timer fans may change but what remains constant is the luxury brand’s refined design and innovate features that are both aesthetically and technically appealing.

Pieree Preston is a luxury watch reviewer by passion. He takes special interest in rating precious vintage watches, for which he often needs to attend luxury watch shows, trade shows, exhibitions, auctions and vintage parties. You may follow his articles to find a great deal of information on watch buying guide, watch dealers and favorite watch brands.

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