Why It’s Smart To Market Your Restaurant Or Bar To Tourists

Running a restaurant or other hospitality based business isn’t easy. There are lots of things to consider, and getting the right crowd talking about your place is one of them. Whether you want to be seen as chic and hip, fashionably student oriented, a great place for families or somewhere people go to treat themselves, there is a big part of your brand that comes from the kind of clientele you attract.

For this reason, many restaurants and bars tend not to promote themselves to out of town visitors and tourists, believing that building up a good repeat client base of ‘regulars’ is the only route to success. However, there are a lot of reasons why pushing your bar or restaurant to tourists is a good idea. Here we look at what they are:

Tourists Want to Spend Money

Most people have a certain budget for eating out or socializing, and decide where and how they will spend this based on what their friends are doing or what is on their social calendar. People who are on vacation, however, tend to have set aside plenty of money to make their time as enjoyable as possible, and they want to spend it on luxuries they may not use that often at home. Restaurants and bars are a good example of this. When you are on vacation, the priority is having relaxing and memorable experiences, so you are far more likely to push the boat out when it comes to food, wine and cocktails. People are prone to spending more in a two week vacation on restaurant food than they may otherwise spend in six months, and by marketing to this audience that is all money that can be going into your pockets!

Reviews and Word of Mouth

People tend to be far more interested in the merits of places they visit on vacation than the places they go to as a matter of course back home, so they are more likely to write reviews and recommend you to friends visiting your area if they have had a good time at your establishment. Good reviews on sites like Yelp can make or break a hospitality business, and while people are on their annual vacation they are far more likely to take the time to review you.

A Cosmopolitan Feel

Don’t assume your usual clientele won’t like having a bunch of people from other cities or countries around when they visit you. Often, people enjoy an opportunity to meet and speak to diverse people, and having a good tourist clientele can give your bar or restaurant a more cosmopolitan and interesting feel. If you are in the country somewhere, and you can attract people from New York and LA to come and eat or drink with you, then this can open up new conversations and interesting meetings between people. Likewise, if you are based in a major city, you may, by doing good tourism marketing, find you have new people from places as diverse as France and Japan becoming delighted guests of your business.

Jake Cornwall, the author of this post is a part time blogger who has varied interests. Whenever he is free, he volunteers at the local community centre and he also writes about his personal and work experiences at Vayu Media.

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