Experts Say: 3 Beauty Questions Answered

My friends and used to have some coffee sessions wherein we would talk about anything and everything under the sun. But as women, make up tips and skin care tips are just on the top of the list.

So while we tried a couple of exchange-tips session, three questions came up. I wasn’t quiet and expert in it so we decided t put it off. But I for one is a sucker for mysteries unsolved so I decided to ask a doctor friend about it.

The three beauty questions posed are:

  • How important is skin care routine?
  • How do you take ca of your skin with every changing season?
  • How do you remedy dark eye circles?

So I admit, we have another 20 or so but this seems to be the most frequently asked question there is. Though there might be a few practical and known solutions, still it pays to get an expert opinion right?

Questions answered

How important is skin care routine?

A skin care routine at young age is a preparation for old age. So if you a just as meticulous now, you will be reaping the reward later. A good skin care routine starting at teens preps up your skins. Fit against aging. It is important too because it helps cleanse and maintain your extra glow. With all e free radicals and oxidants that are present in food and bombarded to us by the environment, it helps to lessen its effect through a daily routine.

Your routine should include a cleansing process and moisturizing. Toning and exfoliating is also recommended. The fight product is also an added plus. Choose oil free moisturizers to be bale not to clog pores and have an alcohol free cleanser.

How do you take care of your skin for summer, spring and winter?

First off with spring and summer, they should be essential things that you shouldn’t leave your house without.

  1. First your sunscreen/Sunblock. You know that it is bad to be under the sun for long. Harmful radicals are present in UVA rays, so always keep that in mind.
  2. Vaseline. The ever useful Vaseline can be used to soothe sunburn and even windburn. So never go away with it.
  3. Scarf. A scarf can be use to veer off sun rays, protect your hair and even become your fashion alternative.
  4. Moisturizer. At the end of the day always moisturize. Spring and summer have to sun, your skin will dry out and drying out means early fine lines.

Next stop is the winter blues.

Winter can be harsh but in prepping up your skin, a good scrub can help. It is available nearly in all drugstores but good ones can be recommended by your doctor. During winter, your skin may dry out so never forget your moisturizer and lotions. Also you have to protect your skin still during winter. The sun is still sending you harmful rays there.

How do you remedy dark eye circles?

So if it’s because of stress and other factors, a couple of advice may. Help you. First sleep it off, use some creams, use a refrigerated icepacks. But if you’re dark eye circles are genetically inherited or caused by some inherent disease in you, then you may be in another light. To help you really remedy it, a god cosmetic procedure can be the key.

Blepharoplasty is an honest to goodness answer to dark eye circles and baggy lids, because if you inherited it, it is less likely be remedied by your creams and ice packs alone. Blepharoplasty or the eyelid surgery helps in eliminating the dark and puffy leads. Moreover this condition may sometimes make you look tired all the time and even look older than your true age.

So if you have the means, this can be an option.

Truth Behind Beauty

Beauty springs from within. So this couple of tips here there for physical benefits. If you want it to stem from within, eat healthy and exercise more. The above are just beauty cheats. I’ve came to learn that from my doctor too. It still pays to live a healthier lifestyle. This will pay later.

Also throwing away any means of unhealthy habits is another tip there is. Avoid vices. Such as smoke and alcohol. Reduce on preserved foods too. They create havoc in your system and in your skin as well.

So with our and your three questions answered, you can now move try a couple of the above points. Or post more questions below!

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