Torque Multiplier Lug Nut Remover Demo

If you are familiar with busses, RVs, semi-trucks, or any other vehicles with larger wheels, you know how it is to loosen the lug nuts on the tires. The lug nuts on your tires are tightened to roughly 500 foot pounds of torque! In most cases removing them on your own is difficult, if not impossible. There are a few things semi-truck drivers will try to make it a little easier on themselves to loosen the nuts. One is that some will try to use a “cheater bar,” which is only a long pipe used to increase leverage. It rarely works or makes the process too much easier. What has to be done usually is the use of an impact gun, like you have seen at most auto shops. We all know that an impact gun is not the most space friendly thing and needs battery life or electricity to function.

Who knows what could happen on the long trips on the road? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small, portable tool to remove the lug nuts that did not have to use power to function, could easily fit in a truck, and be usable by one single person on the road?

Luckily, a brilliant man invented something to save us from all this worry and hassle! It is called The Cheater Wrench. It is nearly as small as your typical wrench, light, and easily portable. To see how it works check out the video below.

Torque Multiplier Lug Nut Remover Demo

In this video, you see a demonstration of how easy it is to use. In just the one-minute and seventeen seconds, you will see everything you need to know to remove a lug nut from a tire on a large vehicle. It all happens in less than ten simple steps. Every truck-driver should feel a little more comfortable behind the wheel with one of this in their ride.

To get your very own Cheater Wrench, click here!

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