5 Tips To Choosing The Right Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Beach Bicycle

The beach cruiser bicycle is an excellent choice for women for a variety of reasons. It is an easy bike to ride and provides great physical exercise. Beach cruisers are very popular today because of their style, durability, and affordable price. Here are a few tips for choosing the best women’s beach cruiser bicycles.


Correct Size

Possibly the single most important factor in selecting the right cruiser bike is size. The entire riding experience can be destroyed by choosing the wrong size bike. Luckily, when choosing beach cruisers, getting the right size is pretty easy. Women will choose a women’s frame, which has the top tube that dips down to the bottom of the seat tube. This allows for easier mounting and dismounting for women when wearing a skirt or dress. Women between 5-foot-1-inch and 6-foot-2-inches will choose a 26-inch bicycle.


Type Of Frame

Beach cruisers are generally made from either steel or aluminum. Traditionally, these bikes were made of steel. The steel frame is heavier and will rust when exposed to water. Steel frames are usually made of lower quality components too, so they are less expensive than aluminum frames. Aluminum will not rust and is much lighter. Some women may prefer the lighter bike, but they will have to pay a little more than they would for the steel frame.


Tire Choice

It is important to consider the type of terrain on which you will be riding. The terrain will determine which type of tires you will choose. If riding a lot on rough roads, you will want to have bigger tires that can absorb the shock of the uneven terrain. A thinner tire can be used on a bicycle that will ride mainly on flat, smooth surfaces. The thin tire is also a great choice if you will be using the bike in competitions. Thinner tires do not slow down a beach cruiser as much fatter tires do.



Remember, since we are talking about women’s beach cruiser bicycles, the bicycle of choice is going to need to match a certain style. Handle bar design is one aesthetic that will give your bike a unique, womanly look. Consider different colors and things like fenders and their colors as well. Amenities like a basket or a bell can add a bit of style to your beach cruiser. Beach cruiser bicycles come in a wide variety of styles, and surely there is one to fit yours.

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