How to Fix Tangled Hair

In this two minute and fifty-five second youtube video, you get a first hand look at the some of the worst cases of hair in the history of hair.  Images of tangled, knotted, matted, dreaded, and balding hair are featured throughout the video.  A picture of every girl’s worse nightmare has been flashed across the screen at least once in this video.

Hair is such a valued thing in today’s society.  Balding women will buy wigs, girls with short hair will get extensions, and women spend hours upon hours just styling it.  Most women pride themselves on their hair.  If their hair looks like birds formed a nest of it, or like it was set on fire, (like all of the incidents displayed in the video) they are most likely not going to be happy with their overall appearance.  This video suggests that there is definitely a growing demand for professional hair detanglers in the hair and beauty industry, and flashes the words across the screen, “the choice is yours not your hairdresser’s,” which is great advice!

Water Makes Matted Tangled Hair Worse

These sad situations likely arose from improper removal of braids, extensions, depression, and hospitalization.  When removing extensions, take down remover cream can be a very helpful product.

In this video, with hip music and an fun auto tuned voiced, you will be advised about what exactly will help in these sticky situations.  As mentioned in the title of the video, contrary to what most people would think, water will only make the tangles worse than how they were before.  The first thing most of us would think is that washing hair would help get out the mess, but thanks to this video, we now know that that is definitely not the answer.

For more helpful information about you hair, the youtube channel, “mattedhairdoctors” has more videos for your viewing pleasure, as well as on the website,

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