How to Build a Wine Cellar

If you are interested in or looking to buy a custom wine cellar, this video would definitely suite you.  There are not many quality videos on the subject on youtube, so this is a great find!

In this five minute and thirty-five second youtube video, you get to witness the beauty of wine cellar installations that took place in residential homes.  You get a tour of anything and everything you could imagine to exist in a wine cellar.  Ladders, shelves, racks, horizontal storage, vertical storage- these magnificently designed cellars seem to make it so easy to navigate through to get to the wine you want when you want it.

Master Wine Cellar Builders

A specially featured cellar can hold up to four-thousand bottles of wine and still look beautiful and not too crowded.  In this video, you get to follow around a person installing the cellar.  He shows you pictures and gives you comments through every step.  You get to see the house before the installation took place.  You get to see the area where the wine cellar will be before it was installed.  You get to see shipments and all of the pieces of the cellar before it was put together.  You learn a great deal about the process of installing it from him, and it is exciting to see the completed project at the end of the video.  It is beautifully stained, finished, and perfect for easy storage.

With funny comments and lovely piano music throughout the video, you get double the entertainment when learning about these wine cellar installations.

If you want a custom wine cellar installed in your home, visit the webpage at to check out more wine cellars, get a 3-D design, personal consultation, and quote all at no cost to you.

Want to see more videos like this?  The youtube channel, “winecellarsbycoastal” has many more videos for your viewing pleasure.

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