Gain expertise in Fashion Photography with the Right Equipment

If you have decided to become a fashion photographer, you have to know the right method of using the right equipment. Remember that getting into the fashion business is not a very easy goal. You should have an eye for detail as well as a creative bent of mind. You must visualize a story that you want to tell with the help of photographs before clicking the shutter.

Fashion Photography

Let’s check out the equipment that will help you to gain expertise in fashion photography:


The camera is the most essential equipment for taking the pictures. You should have a camera that can respond to your command and not just adjust automatically to ambient conditions. In order to begin with your fashion career, a digital SLR camera would be the best. DSLRs are a bit different from the standard ‘point-and-shoot’ cameras. DSLRs will give you more control over the image and you can see directly through the high-quality lens of the camera. You can also see through an LCD video screen. You can manually set the aperture, ISO rating, shutter speed and depth of the field exactly as you want through this camera. Besides DSLRs, the professional photographers also make use of Nikon, Canon, Mamiya, Pentax and Vivitar.


If you have purchased the body of the camera, you must also select appropriate lenses for taking photos. You need to have lens hood, lens filters and high capacity memory cards. Different zoom lenses are available for fast shooting. These lenses help you to take close images on your subjects without letting them feel uncomfortable. In order to capture the pictures of the surrounding environment, wide angle zoom lenses are the best. A competent photographer has more than 1 camera for the shoot and wide array of lenses for taking different shots and effects. Begin with an ordinary 24 to 120 mm zoom lens. You can also get telephoto, zoom as well as wide angle lenses. These lenses offer different effects like macro zoom for taking extreme close up shots and wide angle lenses for taking a panoramic view.


In order to make top-notch images, you have to invest in tripod, filters, remotes and flashes. You may not need these accessories at the beginning but each will help you to take better images. A tripod is required for keeping your camera steady while you are shooting. You can set your camera on steady surfaces like a shelf. However this will limit your options for shooting. A flash-equipped camera does not necessarily need a mounted flash. Nevertheless if you use flash units, it will help you to create varied effects while you are shooting. If you are working in a studio, you will need backdrops. Cloths are normally used for backdrops as you can make a variety of colors with clean sheets. If you like you can also buy metallic backdrops for producing different effects. A proficient studio artist creates setting in almost the same way as movie producers create scenes on sound stages. It is always best to make use of natural scenery and light. You can adjust lighting with the aperture of your camera. You can opt for rechargeable battery units as a power source for your camera.


Fashion photographers often have a collection of camera-mounted flash units for utilizing varied effects and strengths. So you can get some mounted flash units as well. Hot shoe connections are the most common as they are not concerned with any wire. You can get lighting mounting to your macro lens. This is ideal for close up shots for faces as it can create shadows and can also eliminate them. Major camera companies create professional flash units like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Vivitar and Sony. In order to make a good studio work, a fashion photographer requires studio lights and umbrella strobes.


Almost everything is photography has become digital these days. This is why a powerful laptop is a must. You can opt for either Windows Operating System or Macintosh. However it should have the capability of holding and manipulating several photos. A laptop can help you to go anywhere with your camera and thus it provides you convenience while shooting outside the studio. In some cameras you will get software to link the camera to your computer. As a result photographs are transferred easily from the camera to the hard drive. Thus it becomes easy for the models and the photographers to view their work instantly. Photoshop is the most common venerable software in digital photography. Other programs are also available that work with different brands of cameras.

If you are passionate about photography, you should have the expertise with the right equipment. Serious professional equipment says a lot about your commitment to job and career. You have to master perfection for every shot you are taking. Buy photography accessories online from the best store and get the right equipment for your shooting.

Tristan Taylor is a fashion photographer. He also takes an interest in architectural photography. He conducts training courses in photography for the beginners and also for the advanced level.  In his latest articles on best photography workshops in Dubai he shares some interesting ideas and helpful resources on the right equipment for photography and how to buy photography accessories online in Dubai. Tristan found Gulf Photo Plus extremely helpful to extract information regarding photography.

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