The Top Online Tutorials For Cloud Servers

A cloud server is a virtual server that runs an operating system like Windows. These servers work in a similar fashion to physical ones, and can be run independently of any hardware. Cloud servers are becoming widely used in today’s online world, and it is important to know how to implement and use a cloud server for cloud computing and storing data. Using a cloud server does not have to be difficult. There are many useful tutorials online that detail how to set up and manage a cloud server.


CloudTimes is a website that specializes in information and news on cloud computing and related technologies. They feature many articles written by cloud computing technology experts. In addition to regular current news articles, they also feature an extensive glossary. The glossary includes many different terms that are related to cloud computing, including cloud servers. Knowing the definitions of the terms is important when following instructions for setting up a new cloud server.

The website can be useful for learning how to set up a cloud server, since they provide a listing of companies offering cloud services. They also detail other important aspects of a cloud server, such as storage and security. Since the website is run and maintained by technology experts, the information is accurate and reliable.


SiteGround is a web hosting company that offers services for cloud servers. Since they offer these cloud servers, they also include several tutorials on how to set one up. Their tutorial is especially useful since it details the benefits of having a cloud server, such as enhanced security, increased server stability, and economic efficiency.

The website also includes general information about cloud computing and other aspects of cloud technology. This information can help someone learn more about cloud computing in general, to decide whether or not it is what they are looking for in a server. SiteGround even compares cloud computing to other forms of computing, such as grid and utility computing. This information can help people select the appropriate cloud server for their business needs, ensuring they have enough speed and space in the cloud they purchase.


Elastichosts is another cloud server hosting provider. They also include a tutorial section with several different technology related tutorials. Two of the most useful tutorials are videos on how to set up a Linux cloud server. These tutorials are also available as a written document to read or print out. The tutorials are easy to follow step by step.

In addition to the setup tutorial, they also offer tutorials on other aspects of cloud computing. Some of the other tutorials include one that can improve the performance of a cloud server, one that explains how to transfer a physical server to a cloud server, and one that details how to back up the data on a server. These tutorials can be useful for someone who needs help managing their cloud server after it has been setup.

In many ways, cloud servers are the new norm. More and more companies are making the transition to using cloud computing. Using a cloud server has many benefits over a physical server, such as decreased costs, faster speeds, easy setup, and reliable stability. Make sure you have a reliable internet provider to be the source of your cloud server; there are many internet deals you can look into. Checking out the tutorials and websites listed can help a business decide on a cloud server and learn how to set it up properly and then manage the server efficiently. Remember that setting up a cloud server can vary between hosting companies, so check with your server’s host for any specific instructions.


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