5 Home Buyer Turn Offs That May Surprise You

When selling your home, you essentially become a real estate marketer, but to understand how to market your home effectively, you must have a keen understanding about what buyers desire in a home. Sometimes, it is difficult to see your home through the critical eye of a marketing professional, but if you want to sell your home, you must learn how. To help you in this endeavor, consider the following big-time turn offs for today’s home buyers you may not have considered:


In years past, having a pool would signify a successful lifestyle. However, many of today’s home buyers steer clear of homes that have a pool. Admittedly, there are a few buyers who love pools, and in certain regions of the country, which experience high temperatures for a majority of the year, pools are desirable. However, by and large, pools are considered a negative attribute for most potential buyers. The following are common reasons pools are no longer considered a positive feature:

  • People who do not swim at all or often enough to make caring for a pool worth their effort feel a pool is a waste of their time, energy and money.
  • People prefer having a yard instead of a pool.
  • People who have young children may feel a pool is a safety hazard.

If your home has a pool, your best bet is to market the home to potential buyers who would enjoy the pool and feel it is worth their time and effort. Complete the following to ensure your pool is seen as an asset:

  • Make sure your pool has a functioning fence and cover.
  • Offer to pay for a year’s worth of pool maintenance as an incentive to the buyer.
  • Stage the rest of the backyard to show off non-swimming activities allowing potential buyers to see other uses of the backyard besides swimming.

Your décor

Although you love your home’s decor, it based on your personal preferences. Buyers want to be able to envision their living room furniture in the house, and if you have too much clutter, it becomes difficult for buyers to see themselves within the space. It is important for you to remove personalized items and knickknacks in order to allow potential buyers to see your home instead of your stuff.

An easy way to accomplish this task is to pre-pack some of your items leaving only your basic essentials unpacked. After removing all your personal items and extra clutter, you need to stage your house in order to help potential buyers see your home’s potential. You can get ideas for staging your home by visiting professionally stages open houses, or you can hire a professional stager yourself.


Most of today’s home buyers express distaste for carpeting. This goes above and beyond the abhorrence to bizarrely colored carpets or carpets that are pet-impacted, dirty or old. Buyers simply prefer hardwood floors over carpets in today’s home market.

There are many reasons hardwoods are preferable for buyers. Most of them have to do with the long-term maintenance costs associated with carpet. However, people with allergies also tend to dislike carpet because it houses dust mites, pet hair and other allergens. If your home has carpet, it is wise to replace at least your living and dining room areas with hardwood floors.

Old bathroom fixtures

Old bathroom fixtures represent a larger category of buyer turn-offs that includes fixtures or furnishings that are old enough to be out of date but not old enough to be classic and thus desirable. Today’s buyers desire sleek and modern fixtures. Therefore, marigold wallpaper, goldenrod refrigerators and avocado and floral patterns are undesirable. To entice buyers, it is smart to update as many furnishings as possible with modern versions.

Vast landscaping or elaborate gardens

Although a huge backyard would seemingly be beneficial when it comes to selling your home, many potential home buyers consider taking care of a large backyard a daunting task. Moreover, your beautiful botanical gardens are relaxing to you, but some buyers only see it as a maintenance nightmare. However, it is possible to find buyers who will appreciate your manicured lawn. To find these select buyers, work with a local real estate agent and utilize ads and local publications.

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