Buying a used static caravan sited on a holiday park

A used static caravan can be a wonderful investment for family holidays for years to come. If you choose agood holiday park, all the family will be happy to return time after time. Owning your own holiday home meansyou can have a break whenever you like.

First Steps


When you first decide you would like to buy a static caravan, visit holiday parks in the area to see what used static caravans for sale there are. A static caravan is an investment that should be given careful consideration. There are various things to think about, including the size of the static caravan, where it is located and how regularly you expect to use it. Location is important, particularly if you want to be close to friends and family or ifyou want to be close to a specific area. The park you choose is important and you will want to check that it has the right facilities for you and your family and will continue to suit you as the children grow older. You also needto check that you are happy with where on the Holiday Park your caravan will be sited.

Choosing your caravan


Many parks, such as that at Talacre Beach, have used static caravans for sale. You need to make sure that the used static caravan for sale that you choose is the right size for your family. If you expect to use your holiday home in the winter, you will need central heating and double glazing. Have a good look at the condition of the caravan and check the following carefully;

General appearance: Do the used static caravans for sale look in good condition inside and out? Thos win popular places such as Talacre Beach may be well used.

Doors and windows: Check for signs of new sealant or mastic being used.

Flues and skylights:  As above.

Chassis:  Check that there is no obvious corrosion.

Ceiling: Check for signs of damp, particularly in the corners and around the skylights.

Floor: Check the floor close to the doorways; if it feels spongy, the door may fit poorly or the door frame may be leaking.

Upholstery: Check for tears and signs of wear. Worn upholstery may be an indication that the caravan has been used as a hire van.

Where park owners are advertising used static caravans for sale, they will ensure that a Gas Safety Check is carried out. At some holiday parks, such as Talacre Beach, there is a one year warranty on all used static caravans, so you do not need to worry too much about any faults with your purchase.


When you have carefully considered the pros and cons of owning your own holiday home, you will find plenty of used static caravans for sale considerably cheaper than new ones. As long as you have done your sums correctly and can afford the site fees and other expenses, you will be able to enjoy many happy times at awonderful holiday park such as Talacre Beach.

Jennifer writes regularly for a range of holiday websites. She specialises in self catering accommodation available on holiday parks such as Talacre Beach.

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