What’s the best way to travel in the UK?

With the rising fuel costs and increases in rail fares, it has become expensive to travel in the UK. Using journeys between London and Manchester, we compare below the comfort, cost and convenience of your travel options.

1. By rail

The cost of train fares can often be mysterious as they can vary considerably depending on what time you intend to travel, when the booking is made and the number of changes you are happy to make
Train fares booked at short notice will always be more expensive. To get train fares at huge discounts, always try to book well in advance.

The train fares from Manchester to London, booked for next day travel can cost over 260 for two adults and three children. Booked a month in advance as two singles for each passenger you could save almost 150; train fares at huge discounts just by being organised.

Whenever travelling by train it is best to try to make your booking in advance, to get the best priced tickets. Most tickets are available three months before travel so remember the earlier you book the more likely you’ll get train fares at huge discounts.

2. By car

The biggest issue facing the car driver is the ever increasing cost of fuel. The average cost of a liter of unleaded fuel is around 135p. Making the journey from Manchester to London and back in a small family car such as a Ford Fiesta would cost around 50.

Despite the other costs involved in running a car, this works out considerably cheaper than the train and enables you to travel from door to door in comfort, stopping when you want and being able to take plenty of luggage.

3. By air

As with the train, the longer in advance you book tickets, the cheaper the fare. A flight booked for the next day from Manchester to Heathrow would cost around 158 per person, or 790 for a family of five. If you booked these a month in advance they would work out around 90 each making the total 450.

There would be other costs involved in flying as you need to get to the airport or pay parking. You would also need to factor in the cost of getting from Heathrow to London.


Flying is probably the least comfortable of the three but is the quickest. Road and rail are about equal for comfort but road would take twice as long. You do however have the option to stop whenever you want, for food, drink or a leg stretch.


This is down to personal choice. Some like the ease of sitting back on a train for a couple of hours while others like the ease of driving from door to door and being able to stop when they want and there are those who prefer to fly.


Air travel is quick but expensive and travelling by road takes longest. Rail travel is direct and quick and if booked in advance, train fares at huge discounts are available.

AUTHOR BIO : Barry Stamp is a keen traveller and professional blog writer. He has written many articles advising how to get train fares at huge discounts as well as other great travelling tips.

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