Serious Fun: The New Style In Workplace Team Building Activities

Forget the old three legged race and falling backwards as a coworker catches you and check out the new style in workplace team building activities. People who have experienced this new kind of team training have called it “entertaining”, “innovative”, and “motivating”.


You will not just be sitting around listening to a lecture about team work, followed by a simple activity that no one really wants to do, but feels obligated to. You will be actively engaged in countless mini activities and some larger ones where you will have fun while you learn. At the end of these great experiences you will realize that what you got out of it was more than you could have ever gotten from a talk and a handout.


New age, new experiences. Nowadays companies can get really creative in what they do and what they use in these team building seminars and activities. They will show you how to turn everyday objects into survival and building tools and then relate how this can help you as a team in the workplace. The atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable. Studies have shown that this new style really works to bring out the best in people.

A little competition is good for everyone. You will see the competitive nature come out in your boss and coworkers all in good fun. The professionals will provide the tools and you will be surprised to what your colleague will come up with if they want to beat you out in a friendly competition. You will learn more about those you associate with then you ever can in the break room.


It’s like a mini vacation, one where you come back refreshed and ready to tackle those projects you’ve put off because you just dreaded getting to them. Not only, but now you have some inside jokes with some of your coworkers and you can take a little break between your intense productivity to joke or tease so and so about this and that. All in good fun. You are happier at work, therefore your work harder. Your conviction is reborn and you love your job again…or for the first time.

If you are still not convinced, hear what some participants had to say about their experiences.

“I’ve been a business owner for 26 years and never had such a great time with my employees. The activities provided to us were creative, fun, and brought the best (and worst) out in all of us! It was amazing to see which of my workers came out of their shells. I didn’t know some of these people had it in them, but they were awesome. We look forward to next year’s retreat.”

“I’ve been to many “team building” seminars, but nothing like this! It was a welcomed relief to relax and have some fun, all while learning more about the people I see almost every day.”

“I saw my coworkers in a whole new light! It was exciting and adventurous. I had no idea it would be so fun!!”

“A flawless execution of activities and learning experiences. It was organized and flowed better than expected. We have a great time and work has been more fun since then.”

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