How Free Online Learning is Changing Education Forever

Turning back the hands of time, we can see that higher education was a privilege that was available to a handful few. The first transformation in this prevalent trend took place with the coming of the print revolution in the mid-15th century as a result of which cheaper printed books became easily available to the avid learners and thus resulted in the spread of education. The second wave of transformation in the dissemination of education can be associated with the development of information technology which has brought about a sea change in the way we communicate.


Advancement in the field of information technology has made it possible to offer a diverse range of free online education courses to a large number of active learners from different parts of the world. These were previously available only to a niche group of university goers but now the individuals who are interested in honing their skills in different field can easily access these resourceful materials with detailed explanations of complex constructs from different geographical locations. These courses are being coined as MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses. Though online distant courses are being around for quite some time, but the experts are of the opinion that MOOC is much better, thought-provoking and innovative alternative.

Affordable Option

The online courses are definitely an affordable alternative for all those motivated students who are not being to meet with the expense of the top class universities of the world. They can get easy access to the enriching course material that will help them a lot in their career. Though the motivated aspirants can finish these online courses from any part of the world, but they need to complete assignments, homework and participate in discussions held in the online classes within the specified time. On the successful completion of the course, the students can also get a certificate from the respective university on payment of a trivial amount of money and thus making it the most reasonable option.

Target Audience

MOOC are perfectly suitable for those aspirants who lives outside USA or the working professionals who do not have the luxury of time to join a full time course. These detailed courses will be equally beneficial for honing their skills and thereafter opening up new and better opportunities in their career path.

These free online education courses were initiated with the altruistic motive of providing all enthusiasts with equal opportunity to higher education from recognized universities of USA. The popularity of these courses in US as well as outside the nation proves that many deserving candidates have grabbed this opportunity to bring about a positive change in their professional path. Therefore, it can be said that MOOC has helped in achieving its ultimate motive that is to help in development of the human mind and aid it hone its rationale thoughts.

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