What are Crystals and Can they Really Heal the Human Body?

Like all physical objects, a crystal is an arrangement of molecules. The two (2) qualities that divide the crystal from anything other substance are purity and structure. Crystals are homogenous, which means that they are all made of one molecular material. There is no such thing as a crystal which is iron on one side and carbon on the other. All crystals are the same atomic substance through and through. The second is structure. The molecules of a crystal are arranged in a three (3) dimensional latticework or grid. Although the specific type of grid may vary from crystal to crystal, the defining characteristic is a rigid and repeating structure.

The human body was evolved to take advantage of crystalline structures in many forms. The most commonly known crystal is salt, but it is far from the only one. Every cell in the body carries hemoglobin, a compound that contains sub microscopic crystals of iron oxide. Water especially reacts to crystalline structures, and the human body is mostly made of water.

Dr. Emoto of Japan is well known for his ground breaking work on water’s reaction to crystalline structure. When water is quickly frozen to ice, the molecular patterns inherent in it at the moment of freezing will solidify and propagate. This allows for the patterns to be closely studied. What he has discovered is that the molecular structure of water is extremely sensitive to the structure of the objects around it – water resonates. This is probably why it is vital for life prosperity. It also explains why the human body is so sensitive to crystals. Our water-based body picks up the patterns of crystals. Crystals, because of their purity and structure, are very sensitive and receptive to ambient energy. They translate this energy into the water of our blood and body.

Crystals like amethyst promote bone healing and the purification of toxins from the system. Magnetic crystals are good for the blood. Everyone knows that you need iron in your diet, but few people know that the iron you eat, as it oxidizes in your blood, forms crystals of iron oxide. This explains why minerals such as hematite and any sort of ferrous crystal can have a sympathetic effect on the blood. Lapis lazuli and diamonds are known to have a settling effect on the mind.

Crystals can be purchased at a new age store, gem shows, a local crystal shop, or online. Although certain specific crystals can be found in certain specific areas, as a general rule prospecting for them on the personal level is impractical. Natural crystals are nearly always rare and found in sensitive bioregions. It is far better to use the ones that are already in circulation. Fortunately, the internet provides a world full of opportunity for the crystal enthusiast.

Crystals are strong influences of health, but they are not used for direct mending of physical trauma. Their strength comes in their promotion of healing, health, and balance. A crystal cannot fix or heal a broken bone, but a good crystal, properly used, can help the broken bone to heal more quickly. Use them responsibly and your physical well being will prosper.

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