Must-Try Foods on a Trip to Dubai

Taking a trip to Dubai is one of the best travel decisions that one can make for their family or loved ones and with the wide array of Dubai delicacies, it only gets better. This world tourist destination takes pride in a vast number of foods but with investors flocking from all over the world, the city currently has more than just the traditional Arabic food. Depending on the restaurant where one chooses to eat, there are many dishes to enjoy. However, some dishes are most popular among Dubai tourists, as well as with the local community. The following are some must-try Dubai dishes.


Shawarma – This is undeniably the most popular dish that all tourists must try on their trip to Dubai. This tourists’ “sweet tooth” dish is prepared with chicken or lamb that is cooked after being mixed with tomatoes, garlic sauce and pickles. Then, all these ingredients are wrapped in “Roti”, traditional Arabic bread and then served. Generally, shawarma tastes somewhat like a kebab but the taste can greatly vary depending on the restaurant where a tourist is dining.


The Ghuzi – This is another very popular dish in this stunning city. It is commonly served in most of the leading restaurants here. Ghuzi is made from a whole roasted lamb. The roasted lamb is then served to tourists on top of specially prepared rice. This rice is made very specially, and it normally contains nuts and some of the finest Arabic vegetables. Ghuzi is one of the most applauded dishes and your Dubai trip will simply be incomplete if you do not taste this delicacy.


Al Harees – This is one of the most ancient Dubai delicacies and yet one of the most popular today. It is a simple meal, which incorporates wheat, water and meat. The meat is placed in a cooking pot and then the wheat is added in on top of the meat. Later, these are cooked in boiling water until the meat softens. After this, the other ingredients are added in and then thoroughly beaten until they appear like porridge. Lastly, the pot is surrounded by a charcoal layer and left to cook overnight; this meal is traditionally eaten during Ramadan.


Al Machboos – This dish is a composition of meat, rice and onions that are specially seasoned with spices, dried lemon and salt. To make this delicacy, spices, dried lemons, seasonings and meat are all cooked in a pot of boiling water. After that, the cooked meat is removed and then rice is added. The rice is cooked with all the other ingredients. In the last phase, the meat is returned into the pot and then cooked for 1 to 2 hours.


Falafel – This Dubai dish is actually the Arabic French fry and it resembles cutlets. Preparation of falafel involves the mixing of mashed chickpeas with different spices. The mixture obtained is then deep-fried and served in bread-pockets. However, falafel is normally served as a side dish.

Hummus is another great dish to try on your Dubai trip. It is made from cooked and mashed chickpeas. To complete the meal, the mashed chickpeas are mixed with tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

These are some of the must try foods you have to try if you ever happen to travel to Dubai (in Norwegian reise til Dubai). They are all super delicious and different from everything you’ve ever had.



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