What Leads to the Engine Failure

An engine is just like a big confusing box of metal, wires and tubes. You might sometimes want to know what is going on beneath the hood out of your curiosity. An engine is made of different automotive parts and it works when all the parts coordinate with each other. The key function of a car engine is to turn the fluid into motion so that your vehicle can move.

Engine Failure

The automotive parts of an engine

The cylinder is the core part of an engine in which the piston moves backward and forward. The entire cylinder with piston looks like a lawn mower. You can find out different types of engines with different types of cylinders.

Various configurations have been used to make an engine. These configurations decide the type of smoothness, shape characteristics and cost.

· Spark plug

The car spark plug provides the flash that combusts the air or fuel mixture. This helps combustion take place. The flash must take place at the right time or else the combustion will not happen.

· Valves

There are two valves. They open at the correct time to allow air and fluid to come in and allow exhausted air out. These valves are intake and exhaust valves.

· Piston

It is a small metal piece that looks like a cylinder and swings forward and downward in the cylinder. There are piston rings as well. Between the internal part of the cylinder and external part of the piston, there is a slipping seal. The piston rings offer two purposes.

These two parts of the piston prevent air/fuel concentration and exhaust from leaking out into the engine sump. At the same time, they prevent oil from leaking out into the combustion area.

Any car that has an old engine and the piston rings that are not in a proper working condition cannot seal off, therefore; this type of car burns more fluid.

Apart from these automotive parts, there are connecting rod, crankshaft, and sump in the engine. Any of these engine parts can lead to an engine problem. However, there are three key things that are at the root of engine trouble. They include: a bad fluid mixture, lack of compression, and lack of spark. Apart from these three factors, there are a few minor things that create problems in an engine. Let us know these three fundamental factors that impact your engine.

1. Bad fluid concentration

A bad fuel concentration can take place in many ways.

· When there is no air in your car, your vehicle does get air but no fluid.

· The air ingestion can get blocked, therefore; there may be fluid but not adequate air.

· The oil tank must be offering too much fluid or too little fluid to the concentration. This means the combustion does not take place in a proper manner.

· The fluid might have an impurity that prevents the oil from burning.

2. Lack of compression

If the fuel and air charge cannot be pressed in a proper manner, the combustion system cannot function properly. Lack of compression may take place for several reasons.

· The piston rings of your car are worn out that allow air and fuel to leak past during the compression process.

· The ingestion or exhaust valves malfunction, allowing a leakage during the compression process.

· An opening in the hole can lead to lack of compression.

The common aperture of the cylinder takes place where the cylinder head attaches to the cylinder itself. Generally, these two parts are pressed together with a thin gasket to ensure a firm seal. When this gasket wears down, a small aperture develops between the cylinder and the cylinder head.

3. Absence of spark

There are a few reasons that can affect the spark.

· If the spark wire or plug is exhausted, the spark can be nonexistence.

· If the plug is cut or the system that sends a spark down the spark wire is malfunctioning, the spark will not work.

· If the spark takes place before and after the exact time, the gasoline will not ignite at the right time. This can lead to various problems.

If your car goes wrong for any of the reasons, you should immediately take your car to the mechanic. It is important for safe driving.

Jeff Miguel has been writing on car shops, car servicing and repair and used car for many online publications. He often attends car shows and auto exhibitions so as to collect information on the latest car models and their user’s reviews. He suggests you contact an Edmonton mechanic in case your car has a problem with the engine.

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