The disappearing ink

Tattoo removal is now too supplemented by the modern technology; laser tattoo removal, now known for producing the best results with the least pain, has become one of the most commonly used techniques. The stigma associated with the tattooing might be lessened but due to a variety of reasons, tattoo removal has become common. Laser tattoo removal offers a relatively painless, simple and quick method for the removal and is preferred by many.



Laser tattoo removal has significant advantages over the other methods. As compared to its counter parts, dermabrassion and surgical excision, laser is the recommended process. Not only is the laser tattoo removal process more efficient if used with the appropriate laser but also are more effective as a whole. This has caused the use of laser in tattoo removal to raise by 27% between 2001 and 2003 alone.

Zapping away unwanted body art is now common and easy through this procedure – recognized world wide by health experts, it is also a safe way of tattoo removal.

How it works

The laser beam is adjusted to the tattoo colour and is used directly on the skin. The intensity of the beam breaks the ink down to smaller particles. Over the sessions, the particles are broken to smaller and small size over the whole layer of the skin until the particles of the ink are small enough to be removed by the body’s own processes. The body absorbs and disperses the ink as the laser breaks it… this makes it  combination of modern technology with body’s own immune system. This means the size and depth of the tattoo along with the kind of ink used are the parameters directly affecting the number of sessions required to remove he tattoo.

Popularity and results

The fast evolving technology in favour of laser tattoo removal and other skin treatment techniques through laser. The laser tattoo removal produces best results when removing tattoos at places with the most blood circulation such as areas close to the heart. Amature black ink tattoos placed in such areas are easiest to remove. Through the laser tattoo removal method, the least amount of scarring is a significant benefit of the procedure over the others. Since the procedure is done by the patients’ choice, the payments are mostly made from their own pockets and this makes the laser removal one of the cheapest and favourable processes in the market. The increasing popularity with decreasing rates make the procedure the favoured one in the customers.  Once patients understand the advantages and the disadvantages of each procedure of tattoo removal, they know better which process to choose. Through internet advertisement and education, this has been best achieved. The education of the customers has resulted in a further increase in the popularity of the laser tattoo removal procedure.  On the other hand however, patients have to be informed that the tattoos can not be completely removed so most patients opt to aptly redesign the tattoos after they are removed or lighten them over time.

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