Travel to One of the Most Attractive Tourist Destination in the World

Planning for a holiday to take a break off from your busy schedule can be a daunting task. You would not want to miss out on any crucial detail that would result in a major setback to your travel plans and neither would you want to pick out a holiday destination that will give you an awful experience. Your expectations are to unwind and relax in a hotel or resort from which you will relive memorable and joyous moments.

For a great and memorable experience, come to Hope Island Resort and discover the suburb on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Its popularity is attributed to its close proximity to the vast gold coast beaches and the capital city Brisbane. The Gold Coast which is in the south eastern side of Australia is actually a one hour drive from Brisbane. It has a splendidly warm sunny tropical climate conducive for a variety of tourist activities.

Hope Island is named after a colonialist called Captain Louis Hope who was granted a vast 1,800 acreage of land for his contribution towards developing the sugar manufacturing business in Queensland. The island comprises of an upper class gated community with modern facilities such as golf course, pools and an all round security. Most of the residents here know each other well with a mix of people including the young, middle aged and the retired.


A great resort in Hope Island to visit is the Azzura Greens Resort that has an amazing 159 luxury apartments for your comfort and relaxation. It’s a five star resort with well air-conditioned apartments to keep you cozy throughout your stay. Enjoy the fresh morning air at your balcony overlooking the beaches. You are bound to catch up on your favourite channels by watching from an LCD screen with a surround home theatre. Internet is available 24/7, thus you can connect with your family, friends and relatives back home. Recreational activities are bountiful here. Take a swim in the crystal clear waters in a twenty metres pool. Work out at the fully equipped gym and take a lull bath in the huge spa. For golf lovers, there is a Golf club near the resort.

Enjoy shopping at the Marina shopping village with a variety of stores, dining areas, cafes and restaurants. If you’ve carried your pet, there are veterinary clinics for any medical emergencies. Pharmacies, liquor stores, clothing and practically almost any basic item can be found here in the village making your shopping very convenient. Find a lot more services such as having your daily newspaper dropped at your apartment during your stay.

Your flight can be arranged for you just by alerting the friendly hotel staff who are more than willing to make your stay an outstanding experience. Any other queries are also handled professionally so you don’t have to feel lost while visiting here. Come and take a breather at one of the finest tourist resorts in Australia and the world. You may also tour other five star hotels that are within 10 and 15 miles away.

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