The Dating Game – Escorts in London and the Business Event or Ceremony

There are some dates that require a professional person to take a companion. Award ceremonies, for instance, or key business events where a prospective partner or client is already attending with his or her significant other. In these cases, the business person may choose to use the services of London escorts – essentially professionals in their own right, whose role is to provide intelligent and stimulating company in the right situations.

The busier a person is (be that person a man or a woman of course) the less likely it is that he or she will have the time or the energy for a full time partner. High flying business and managerial level involvement in commerce are both lifestyle choices that can specifically exclude the existence of a long term significant other. This means that (as noted) occasions in which a partner is required can call for a specific service to be purchased.

The service delivered by escorts in London ensures that company is appropriate and complementary. This can be extremely important in specific business situations – for example the hypothetical meetings outline above. An escort, who has no emotional involvement with or attachment to her client, can potentially be relied upon to be more stable than someone with whom the business person has a romantic attachment. There is no likelihood of arguments, or of awkwardness – and so the business person is Abe to give his or her full attention to the matter at hand, which is to make the right appearance, talk to the right people and please the right potential partners.

Busy people may have a need for London escorts within their dating life as well as their professional life: that is, they may like to meet an escort socially as well as employing an escort to accompany them on professional occasions. In this latter arena, a lack of strings is often a requirement for any social relationship, for the reasons outlined above: the business person has no time for a traditional relationship, and so looks instead for a professional version of it to fulfil her or his social needs.

There is, of course, an etiquette involved in dating with London escorts. If you look on a site where escort girls offer their services (which is normally done through an agency rather than a direct employer), you will see that the experience offered is described as GFE. This stands for Girlfriend Experience and the prices you find listed for all the models within an escort agency reflect the amount they charge for one hour of their time while providing a Girlfriend Experience.

The exact nature of the experience provided is up to the model herself. It is etiquette for the client to arrange the details of her or his expectation with the agency prior to making the booking. The agency essentially passes those requirements onto the model, who is at liberty to accept or decline her booking just as any agency’s clients are free to accept or reject commissions for the work they perform.

The person hiring a London escort may find that he or she is required to meet his or her escort in an approved London hotel, for the first and even the second time of meeting. This is one of the strongest elements of etiquette in the field and is a security requirement.

About Author  : Irene is a former escort.  She now writes articles and blog posts about escorts in london for the trade press.

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