10 Proven Classified Ad Selling tips to guarantee a successful sale

Classified ads are a sure shot way to making money if you know how to use them. The traffic on the cyberspace is growing by the minute around the globe. Everyone wants to get a piece of this much lucrative pie. But, the ones who actually get to make the most of it are the ones who use the right approach and technique to sell their paid and free online classifieds.


Chose the right website – The website where you post your online classified should be attracting traffic related to your product. There are a lot of free classified websites on the internet and choosing the right one can make all the difference.


Create a compelling Headline – The first thing a reader will look at is your headline and unless it catches his/her interest; s/he may not go any further. It should be catchy enough to compel the user to read on.


KISS – ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ don’t try to squeeze in too much detail. The goal of your free online classified ad is to generate inquiries and curiosity.


Create urgency – The body of your classified should lead the customer to connect with you or your offer. Use the ‘Call to action’ buttons. Like: email, Call, visit us online, etc.


Use a picture – Like the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. So, use a picture and let your product stand out.


Test and Track – Unless you keep a track of how your free classifieds are performing; they won’t be of much use to your marketing effort and strategy.


Get your work done faster – Develop and maintain a system. Keep in mind as to how many ads you will write each day. Where will you submit them, what tracking tools you will use? Check out the posting tools, as well.


Consistency pays – Place your ads consistently. No one really find success with their first classified ad, posted on a free classified website. The longer they appear the more the chances of your ad getting the right kind of exposure. Like with everything else in life – consistency is the key to success in the business of free online classified ads.


Create a separate email – Make sure to use a separate email account because there are software programs on the web that are created for the only purpose of literally harvesting email accounts and spamming them into oblivion. So make sure not to use your main email account.


Quality management – Check and recheck your classifieds for errors. You don’t want to submit an ad only to find that you did not make any impact because of a broken website link, misspelled email address or an incomplete phone number. Check it thoroughly before you hit the ‘submit’ button.


You can never really do enough to make your online classified ad a success. It is an ongoing process and you will need to be on your toes 24×7. There is always something that can be improved and bettered. Best way is to keep an eye on the market trends and stay up to date on the emerging trends and tricks. Hard work never goes to waste, so keep those eyes open and peeled for fresher ideas and methods.


Author Bio : Priyanka Arora is a Internet marketing stagiest and an part time blogger, currently working with Wohho.com – where you can search and post free classifieds for promoting your business online. 

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