How to Turn your Pool Area into a Private Oasis

Is your pool looking green and tired and in need of a lift? Or maybe you are just about to embark on having your own pool built? Read on for some useful decorating tips!

If you are thinking about getting a swimming pool installed into your home or garden, there are many practical decisions to make. Will you go for an inside or outside feature? Square or kidney-shaped and will it be heated? So many questions that need to be answered, but it is wise not to forget the creative aesthetics that can be implemented to make your pool a massive new part of your life. Decoration is important in any part of the home and this is no different for your swimming pool area. You need to think of how you want your pool to be used and how it will fit into your lifestyle.

Party Time
People get pools for many reasons; some like the social aspect of parties and barbeques and some like them for their health benefits. Most agree that having a pool can not only add to the value of your house but can also create sentimentality as you make new memories using your new feature. If you are young and are looking for a way to make the area an atmosphere for great parties, you can use underwater lighting to give it a nightclub feel come nightfall. Nowadays you can get underwater pool lights in so many great colours so you can accessorise your pool to fit your style too. Additionally, for outdoor pools of this nature, you can find some really spectacular furniture and lounge seats; also by adding some fairy lights to the trees around the pool you can give the whole area an eclectic fiesta vibe.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, why not go for a pool that’s stylish and streamlined. Square pools with minimal lighting work with this theme and it will work well both inside and out. Go for white furniture and lounges to add a sumptuous feel and soft muted lighting to make the place feel luxuriously tranquil. Carefully placed accents such as plants and vases can add character to the room or garden; but use these accents sparingly to keep in with your minimalist theme.

A lot of pools are intended for family use and they are a great way to get parents and children active and enjoying their time together. Being able to teach your children to swim in your own pool would surely make for some great memories! An outside pool is great for family use as it gives kids a lot of space to splash about without damaging any soft furnishings. Accessorising a kid’s pool is an exciting prospect with hundreds of different toys, games and floats available to keep them entertained for hours. From a decorative point of view, it is a good idea to surround the area with plants and flowers to add colour and character too. Additionally, adding tropical plants and trees can create an oasis-feel too, giving you a peaceful hideaway in your own home.

Your swimming pool can be a great way to unite friends and family and is perfect for parties and barbeques. With the summer months looming, now is a great time to start thinking about how your home can be enhanced with such an epic feature. There are styles and designs to suit any budget so if you have the right amount of land and the adequate planning permission, you could really turn your mundane garden into something extra special. Take a look at Ascot Pools for some inspiration!

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