Wearing your Wedding Ring in Many Ways

The wedding ring is the symbol of eternal love, trust, dedication and faith in your partner.  Most married couples wear wedding rings because they signify the commitment which spouses have to each other. However, sometimes wearing wedding rings is not as simple as most people thought, especially for people who does manual labour or people who actively participate in sports. It is also difficult to wear your wedding ring is your hand happens to be injured or swollen. Are there other ways of wearing your wedding ring?


Wear the wedding ring on your left hand is a practice which is derived from the ancient belief of Romans that the left hand is much closer to the heart. However, there are countries, such as Germany, where wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger.

Wearing the wedding ring with your engagement ring

The next most important ring after your wedding ring is your engagement ring. Engagement rings can be made with various stones but the most common are diamond engagement rings and they can also be worn with your wedding rings.  You can slide the wedding ring first and then slide the engagement ring, flush against your wedding ring.

For some reason, the wedding band goes on the finger first, so that it is closer to your heart. However, other people believe that the engagement ring should be worn first because it tells the story of a couple’s courtship. There are also some women who do not wear their engagement rings. Wearing engagement rings is a personal choice and you should not let society dictate you. Wearing wedding rings and diamond engagement rings only work when both rings if they are both plain or only one of them is highly decorated.

Wearing your ring as a necklace

Aside from wearing it the traditional way, you can also wear your ring as a necklace.  You can just slide it onto a chain and wear it around your neck where it can be much closer to your heart. However, keep in mind that when you work with machinery, wearing your ring on your neck can become a potential hazard. It can get stuck in machinery and result to a big disaster. It is best that you remove your necklace and other pieces of jewellery before you work with machinery and put it back once you are finished.

Further Tips

If your spouse works in an environment which makes wearing a wedding ring increases safety risks and other hazards, it is best to choose a different symbol of your love, something which will not put your spouse in harm’s way. You can choose wedding bracelets or necklaces instead of rings.

Do not be bound too much to tradition. Although almost all married people wear their rings on the ring finger of the left hand, you can always wear it any way you like.  So, if you see a person whose ring finger on the left hand is naked, do not automatically presume that person is single. This is also true of people who have different religions.

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