Food Storage: Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Unknown

There are just too many uncertainties in the world today so protect yourself from the unknown with sufficient food storage. We need to be better prepared if something were to happen and cash flow decreased or ceased all together. If something like that was to happen to you, would you be prepared? Would you be able to feed yourself and your family or survive an emergency?

Keeping a Stock of Food On Hand

The key to a successful life is preparedness, it is also the key to survival. If you are prepared for whatever life may throw at you, you can survive and thrive. In case of economical hardships or disasters, a plentiful food storage is a must. It has been recommended that each household should be able to feed the entire family, pets included, for at least three months, more if able. This practice isn’t as widely spread as it should be.

Everyone needs to eat and have enough daily drinking water is even more crucial. Let’s say you get laid off unexpectedly and it takes you a couple of months to get a new job. Hopefully you have saved enough in savings to help cover your bills, but what about the most essentials in life; food and water? If you have worked hard at storing enough food to get by for a small period of time you will be Ok.

With advanced technology, food storage has become easier and better tasting than ever. The best kinds of foods to store are freeze dried because they last the longest. You can stock up a little bit at a time, buying a little extra each week or month, until you have your desired supply.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Along with a proper food storage, emergency preparedness is essential. Having on hand supplies such as items that will help you cook your food, money for expenses when you can’t go to the ATM, flashlights, a radio and having important documents ready to go are all part of being prepared during an emergency. Food and water storage is a must, but so is being prepared in other ways.

Three Day Supplies Everyone Should Have

Another item, or set of items, that should most definitely be added to your food storage are 72-hour kits. In a natural, or other type of disaster, the first 72 hours are the most critical. It is during these times where there is likely to be mass chaos and time needed to emergency and rescue crews to start assisting those in need. In order to survive and keep you and your family safe a simple 72 hour kit is a great thing to have. Emergency agencies have been stressing over the last decade that such a kit can mean the matter of life and death in many unforeseen situations.

The great news is 72 hour kits is that they are easy and portable. You do not need everything and the kitchen sink in order to survive. An old backpack is perfect to hold the items you will need should something terrible happen. Some items you should include in your pack are:


Enough for 72 hours, but you do not need to go crazy
Freeze dried foods last the longest
Water – and tablets to turn any water into drinking water

Small things like a shovel, oil and lantern, matches, pocket knife, etc.


A change of warm, comfy clothes
An extra pair or two of socks will keep you warm and dry

First aid kit
Regular kit items as well as a poncho or emergency blanket

Protecting yourself from the unknown is easier than you think. Start your food and emergency storage today and make sure you are ready for anything that might come your way. Get freeze dried icecream here:



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