What Type of Camera Lenses You Can Carry While Going on a Vacation?

“I am going for a holiday. What lens should I take?”- This is a simple question which bothers most photographers. However, the answer is not so simple for an amateur. A photographer needs to understand that same type of lenses will not work for every situation. Photographer’s interests and nature of vacation are two crucial things that one must be aware of before searching appropriate lens.

If you have a clear idea about the types of pictures you want, selection of equipment will get much simpler. Different types of travels require an entirely different range of equipment choices. So, it is better to consider different travel scenarios to find out which lens work best in each of these situations.

Exploring the cultural heritage

When you have the intention to portray the impressive architecture of museums, castles, towers and cathedrals, first of all you need to take kit lens that comes with DSLR cameras. Usually, this lens is like 18-55mm which enable to cover a moderate wide angle to short telephoto view. If you want a better outcome consider something like 18-105mm. 18-200mm is considered as an ideal vacation lens.

Wildlife expedition

If you are going on a safari trip, you can never be sure where the animals will be. Animals may be hidden in a distant tree. However, you will have to shoot from the vehicle as there are few chances to move closer. So, you will require long-range zoom lens. You can carry 10-400mm lens for capturing those long distance views. A lighter alternative is 70-300mm which will allow you to see objects that are far apart. Carry a beanbag or something soft so that you can easily place your camera on the sunroof of the Land Rover. It is important to take the shorter kit lens while going for jungle trips. Animals can be closer sometimes as well you may like to click the camp photos for which kit lens are just fine.

Trekking through nature

Nature photography is different from wildlife photography. At the time of hiking through rain forest, you have to take wide-angle zoom. In a rain forest it will be difficult to take really long zoom as these forests are dark. In mountains also long telephoto shots are not that satisfying.  Add to your kits a true macro lens that will be useful when you want to capture lively flora and fauna.

Representing the night life

Digital cameras can capture the true essence of night. In order to freeze the moments after the sun went down three pieces of equipment are vital: camera with high ISO, a fast lens and a tripod.

In case you have a creative itch and you want to create something extraordinary consider Lensbaby. The standard picture will be transformed into something stunning with the use of Lensbaby.

If you are an amateur and thinking of having fun on vacation, do not go for big and expensive lens purchases.There are several affordable alternatives which will allow good photography privileges. You may check for these photography accessories online. Do not end up buying an accessory that will be of no use. Instead be certain before making any kind of decision.

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