What Facts About Employment Recruiters Never Tell You

Everyone is looking for a job so as to achieve financial stability but very few people actually get employed. This is because of the stringent recruiting criteria that current employers use in order to ensure that they hire only the best in this field. Today am going to reveal some secrets on facts that employment recruiters will never tell you during the hiring process.

The Client Won’t Call Back

This is by far one of the nastiest experiences that most recruiters and job applicants are faced with every day. You might find a very lucrative job online and after the initial communication with the recruiter you are invited for an interview. As a professional in your field of expertise who want to expand your portfolio, you attend the interview but a few days down the line the recruiter does not contact you. When you contact them, you are informed that the client has not yet responded to your application. The most plausible explanation for such as scenario is that the recruiter is actually trying to hire the wrong person. Meaning you might be lacking some of the skills and qualities that the client is looking for.

I will Submit your Resume to more than one potential Clients

After submitting your resume to a particular employment recruiter, the first thing that comes to your mind is that the recruiter will only submit your resume to only one client as per the agreement. Fortunately or unfortunately, the recruiter will try to sell your credential to more than one client especially if he or she thinks you are a hot candidate that can easily get hired by most clients. The underlying cause of this behavior is that most recruiters do not want to let you down hence by submitting your resume to more than one client, they increase your chances of getting hired.

Your Resume Looks Depicts a Person Who is too qualified

This is one of the most common scenarios that recruiters are currently facing especially due to the recent recession. If your resume looks embellished the recruiter might think that you are too qualified for the job and this might reduce your chances of getting hired. To avoid jumping into a conclusion too soon, most recruiters will contact you in order to gauge your capabilities based on your resume. Woe onto you if your actual skills do not match what you have included in the resume.

The Jobs we posted are indeed not real

Posting phony jobs intentionally is totally unethical but that does not mean that such scenarios do not happen. Most recruiters often post this kind of jobs in order to maintain a constant supply of qualified personnel that they can show to clients. In a bid to reduce advertising fees, most agencies normally post a blanket advertisement that covers a wide range of skill sets instead of posting each job separately. Once they have a pool of applicants they try to separate them as per the qualifications of each of the applicants.

Be smart and consider these facts next time when you apply for a job so as to avoid disappointment and inconveniences. If you want more details about this topic, you can visit gas rig jobs website.

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